Friday, January 28, 2011

At least something to be happy about...

Like I mentioned, works have been busy these few days! :0
While people are all excited and happy to welcome CNY, I suddenly lost the mood... :(
Anyway, no worries, I'm alright, just need to rant abit :P

Apart from the tension from works, I was informed that I won something from Vintages Noise!
Yea, the blog owner, Ming, picked me as one of her winner for her blog giveaway.

everybody loves free gifts!

it's a dreamcatcher! I never know whats a dreamcatcher until I read from her blog, LOL :P

Thank you Ming for the lovely gift! ;)
Til then, wishing you a great weekend! ^^


  1. Congrats, that is a nice gift!

  2. Congratulation on your lucky win! Eiii?! What's a dreamcatcher for?! To have sweet dreams kar?

  3. Congrats, Hayley! That will make your day better :)

    I learnt about dreamcatcher when I watched Twilight. I think it origins from Native Americans ;)

    Quickly hang it on your bed's headboard and enjoy your sweet dream!!

  4. Dear Hayley~ i have long long time never visit here already. i want to said that ur comment is always make me feel warm^^ muack!

  5. congrats to you. that's a nice dream catcher. i'm also still not in the mood to celebrate :(

  6. Pete, thanks!

    Alice, yaya, to have sweet dreams! ;)

    Yvonne, already put on my bed's headboard ;)

    Hwi Yee, I know you're very busy! Thanks for still visiting my blog!

    Barbara, thanks!
    Oh you too? Sigh, what are we gonna do... =_=

  7. You are very lucky. May you continue blessed with good luck in the coming RABBIT year.

  8. A lovely gift. Where will you hang this dreamcatcher?

  9. wow... may all ur bad dreams were captured by the dreamcatcher and leave you with only sweet ones :D

  10. Shenny's mommy, thank you! Wishing you the same!

    Yan, I put it on my bed headboard..

    YT, thanks! Thats so sweet!


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