Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BDS 2nd event!

The gang aka BDS (Black Dog Society) planned a trip to KL on new year eve about 2 weeks earlier. But the plan was cancelled after I was told to report to work on new year weekend :(

Anyway, guess God heard my prayer and I was allowed to skip working on the new year weekend :D

So 13 of us headed to KL on new year eve itself...

stopped by Tapah rest stop to have some BR ice cream

we reached D'sara Perdana and without much delays, we walked to The Curve for the countdown ;)

all of us in the lift (minus one girl though =_=)

yeah! ready to countdown!

nice Xmas decor at The Curve

some of us...

it was 12am and this is the only firework photo I managed to snap. it was very very crowded there!

Leaving The Curve, we went for our late supper at Taman Megah.

hungry hungry

everyone were very tired

the guys had some Guinness

The next morning, we went all the way to Sg Besi to have bak kut teh as breakfast.
yummy yummy

next stop is Fahrenheit 88, Sg Wang Plaza and Pavilion. Guess you know what we did here.... :P
Xmas tree at Fahrenheit 88 made from CD-R

At night, we went to Jinjang Kepong to have dinner.

16 of us including BIL

next event was clubbing at Sanctuary, The Curve ;)
us while we were still sober

kiss for each other, LOL

more random photos

and the girls....

2 bottles for the guys


dance baby dance

it was a fun fun night! everybody danced and sweat! we were there until 2am and called it a day.. sigh, age is catching up, I no longer can dance non stop like I used to last time =_=

and here's what I've got during this trip...
miscellanous from Daiso Japan, earrings for my colleagues and myself, and some Japanese/Korean snacks

some clothing and my super high gladiator heels ;)

Though the trip was short, we enjoyed to the max! Its such a rare opportunity for so many of us to gather during this holiday season. Am looking forward to our next trip ;)
p/s: view our 1st official event here


  1. Wah... your BDS is really very happening! Great party in KL. The Tmn Megah place where you had supper looks familiar. Ming Tien Foodcourt is it? We are staying quite nearby :)

  2. ChloeRuoyi, hehe yes, its Ming Tien foodcourt ;) Used to go there when I studied at KL ;)

  3. Lots of activities within 2 days / 2 nights. Wow~
    Glad you managed to fully-utilized the time, kekeke!

    And thanks for the lovely earrings.

  4. Wow! Ur NY countdown is so fun! I din go anywhere :'(

    Oh, someone did her CNY shopping dy eh?

  5. See Prayers are powerful, aren't they?so happy to see that you were enjoying yourself tremendously...

    to all the black dogs ,,cheers

  6. Yvonne, yaya, we were really tired...
    Hope you like the earrings!

    YT, yep, I did my CNY shopping already ^^

    Eugene, haha thanks! cheers~

  7. oh, in the end u no work on sunday ah? so lucky~ haha... I love ur high heels so much... so nice!!!

  8. Evelyn, yaya, in the end we dint rush back ^^
    thanks ;)

  9. and party....So fun!

  10. Oh, what a good thing to do for new year. No wonder you guys wore all black that day. But why call your group as "Dog"? Woof woof!Did you guys registered your Society to the NAtional Society Assdociation? HAhaha! surely drink too huh? far, I can accept wine n beer. But not liquor. Anyway, the most important thing is, although your trip was short, you had a blast!

    Hope 2011 will bring your more happiness in life.

    Cheerio Hayley!

  11. Such a nice trip to K.L, we missed another chance to meet up liao, lol!>_<

    Till then, keep well and have fun!
    p/s: The kiss for each other pictures are so sweet!^-^

  12. It looked fun, happy and wonderful celebration. You deserved it.

  13. Enjoy your partying days before the kids come along..hehe..just kidding lah. You and your Hubs make a lovely couple. So lovey dovey. :) I love your new heels..stunning.

  14. mNhL, yeah :D

    Willie, erm, its called 'black dog' because the gang like Guinness Stout, you know we call it 'oo kao' in Hokkien *wink*
    I drink only abit la, not dare to eat alot cause thinking that I might need to drive later ;)

    Alice and Yan, thanks ;)

    Mummy Gwen, haha you're right, enjoy now before we tied up with kids ;)

  15. Lucky you - get to go on another trip! it looks so eventful and fun. I'm so jealous. HAPPY NEW YEAR HAYLEY :)

    jen @

  16. Jen, thanks and happy new year to you too!


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