Thursday, January 20, 2011

BDS charity event

Black Dog Society (BDS) organized a charity event over the weekend, we visited the Taiping old folks home and orphanage. we collected money from friends around and some of the members bought all the necessities in advance.

It was early morning when we gathered.....

there're food, adult pampers and other daily necessities... we also collected some old clothes for the elderly and kids

before we proceeded, its a procedure to register 1st, we need to write down our names and things we brought

we dint manage to visit the elderly individually, because we dint know that we'd need an authorisation letter.... So, we passed all the things to the officer. now we know what to do the next time we visit them!

a group photo of us

Our next stop is the orphanage, which is situated just beside the old folks home.

for the orphanage, we bought more candies and snacks ;)

same thing, we need to register 1st...

another group photo of us

last but not least, this is the proof that we donated these things to the elderly and orphanage. once again, BDS thanked everyone who contributed in terms of cash or goodies.

We are planning another visit and this time, we'll prepare the documents needed and hope to spend some time chatting and knowing the elderly/orphanage.
Its always the best to do good thing so that we'll receive good karma ;) 善有善报


  1. ooopps, I totally forgot about this event due to busy on my big day.. sigh >.<" next time.. next time.. I wan join this kinda good event...

  2. Hello Hayley, it is always good to be doing this services to the less unfortunate.
    And hands that help are Holier than lips that pray.

    The children of the orphanage, the elderly folks will certainly appreciate your kindness.....and I guess especially the kids from the orphanage....they who have nobody, no parents to give them love nor care....
    Good for you Hayley...and all your friends.
    Best wishes....

  3. AngelineBK, thanks ;)

    Evelyn, its ok, I know you're busy~
    Nvm, 有心不怕迟, next time!

    Lee, yea thanks ;)
    Pity the elderly and those kids, we must remember them and visit them once a while...
    Thanks for the thought and you take care!

  4. mei, besides giving the things, did u guys do other things like entertaining them, or talk to them, spending time with children and old folks???

    Great job on the gifts side...just a suggestion if u guys going again next time.....perhaps can entertain them and spend some time with them..they need that more than the things coz everyone can give gifts but not everyone will spend some time with them..God bless gal...

  5. Wow~ BDS not only orginizes its own events, but also does charity! Great one! You guys must keep up the good work!

  6. Great job you all! Continue giving. :)

  7. Linda, unfortunately we dint, because like I mentioned, it was our 1st time visiting so we dint know we need to prepare a letter in order to visit them individually. Nvm, now we know what to do next time~
    Thanks for the comment though ;)

    Shirlexia, yes sure~ we're planning on more events these days...

    Mummy Gwen, thanks alot! :D

  8. 世上有两件事不能等,就是行善和行孝。BDS 做得很好,加油。

  9. Yan, 说的好!谢谢你。。。

  10. BDS did a great job.....this event is so meaningful.

  11. Well done! You guys did a great job in contributing to the society. I've never done anything as meaningful as this in my life before *shame on me*

  12. ChloeRuoyi, thanks! Hmmm, its never too late ma... as long as you have the heart...

  13. That's really thoughtful of BDS, I wish I could join too! Pengsanlah BDS if my 2 restless kids join them too, kiahahahaha!


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