Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great day (天天好天) 2011

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Starring: Jack Lim, Wan Wai Fun, Royce,Vivian, Jiang Han

Another local movie after Woohoo, another Malaysia Boleh movie, LOL :D

I've been waiting to watch this movie, as I heard alot of positive reviews about it, about how touching and funny it is... It was last night when I watched it in the cinema and to my surprise, the cinema was almost full house! I dint expect the crowd as it was a weekday night and I thought not many people would watch a local chinese movie but I was so wrong, haha :P

Back to the topic, the movie is about showing care and love to our parents, and what parents will do for their children even if they're old. I was laughing in tears in the cinema, and I realised the gal sat beside me did the same thing :'(
There're few parts I found it very touching:

1. Royce shedding in tears in his bike after knowing his father's sickness and bought him health supplements and shoes

2. Joey girl crying while swinging alone, missing her grandpa

3. The conversation of uncle Lim on how he cant take care of his children forever

4. Vivian crying while watching his father accompany Joey girl perfoming on the stage

Of course, there're a few funny scenes too!
I actually rated this movie 4/5 because of its moral. thumbs up for the local movie industry and I can really see they're making progress! And I like the tagline, 感动着笑 (touched and laughing in tears)


  1. Ohhh, it seems this film owned a few good verdicts from you guys( you and Yan)! I think must give it a try, gonna support Malaysia production mar!!! ;D

  2. I cried while laughing, and I laughed while crying. This was the effect of the movie.

  3. I'm actually looking forward to this film, but not sure whether my hubb will bring me to cinema or ask me to wait for pirated one.

  4. Alice, yes yes, go watch la~ I think you'll love it..

    Yan, I totally understand!

    Yvonne, hmmm, lets pray he'll bring you there soon :P

  5. i'm actually looking forward for this movie too!
    going to watch this movie tonight too.

  6. Vinnie, ok, I think you gonna like it ;)
    Enjoy your movie!

  7. I'm looking forward to watch this movie too.....and I think got to prepare a lot of tissue papers. haha

  8. yeah... we Chinese are born and taught to live on the value of filial peity :) sadly there are many cases of the children dumped their old ones after getting married! I despise them...
    After being parents, I realised how wonderful and patient my parents were all these years despite me being rebellious and made them upset all the times...

  9. sounds like a great movie!! Now i want to watch too!!

    jen @

  10. thule, yes you're right ;)
    礼仪廉耻is something we chinese very particular on.. Being parents is not easy huh... we should appreciate them ^^

    Jenny, yeah, watch it if you have the chance...

  11. Oh I can't wait to watch this too. been hearing so much good reviews about it :)

  12. Barb, yea, go watch and enjoy!! ^^

  13. It's a good movie, nicely done too.


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