Monday, January 3, 2011

New year, new post

Woohoo! 1st post for the year 2011~
So how was your new year celebration? I joined the crowd at The Curve on new year eve, watched Colby o' Donis singing on stage, got sprayed (=_=), watched the nice fireworks, countdown at 12am and sweat! I think there were like thousands of people that night (like the usual countdown)!

Anyway, this new year, I hope it'll be a greater year for us all!
I shall update about my short KL trip soon, at the mean time, have a pleasant day ahead!

hubby and I, at Sanctuary The Curve


  1. Am looking forward to your entry on the new year countdown ;)

  2. Yvonne, alright, trying my best to update :P

    Evelyn and Angeline, thanks ^^

  3. I heard fireworks non-stop for at least half an hour the moment the clock struck 12 on new year eve. Did not go anywhere this new year eve and the two days that followed as I had a sick kiddo at home. :(

  4. Inspired Momx1, yep, the fireworks lasted quite long...
    You take care!

  5. Heyyy!!! lol omg I LOVE CHOCOS TOO!! Hahaha ok, so apart from the retardedness, I spent a pretty demure new year ('s 12 am...yawn)

    Btw, you are seriously very very cute! *wink wink but not in a freaky slash pervy way*

  6. Howdy Hayley!

    The Curve? Wow, must be a nice place to hang out especially with your hubby whom you dated for 7 years. Congrats on your marriage yeah? And I hope 2011 will bring you much joy and happiness. And hopefully, you'll get a kid in 2011. Hehehe!

    Happy new year Hayley and hubby.

  7. Wah, how I wish I can hangout with my husband late at night like you both, so sweet and great! I'm waiting for my turn... hope the little ones grow up faster so that I can be FREEEE again!^-^


    Have an lovely day!
    jen @

  9. Punk Chopsticks, thanks for dropping by ya!

    Willie, yes The Curve is very happening and crowded!
    Haha thanks, hopefully that wish will come true too *wink*

    Alice, no worries, they'll grow up very soon ;)

    Jenny and Miss Woody, thanks and same to you both!

  10. oh wow, didn't know you were in KL for the celebration. Must be great to countdown. We stopped counting down after we had a kid...hehehhhe

  11. dblchin, thanks and same to you!

  12. Barb, yes it was a fun new year eve! ^^

  13. You got sprayed? We stayed at home and countdown watching fireworks on TV...actually only Gwen and I were awake. My Hubby already dozed off on the sofa. -__-

  14. Mummy Gwen, yep, almost all of us got sprayed by those people around us =_=
    Did you managed to see the actual fireworks?

  15. Ahhh so you guys were at The Curve! I was looking at the fireworks from my 3e's house way behind The Curve!
    Anywayz, happy new year to you hey and hopefully like all you friends said, the kid will be coming soon! :)

  16. Hi Hayley, thats a lovely portrait of both of you. Very attractive couple.
    Love your see on TV shampoo advert.
    Whatever shampoo you use, they should pay you royalty, ha ha.
    Have a great week, Lee.

  17. Shirlexia, the fireworks this year was so so only, do you feel the same? =_=
    Haha ok, thanks babe!

    Lee, LOL, shampoo advert ya? *wink*
    Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day!

  18. Forget to say a big thank you to me. I like the earings.


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