Monday, January 24, 2011


Hai all, hope you had a great weekend!
I went for a short vacation up North with my hubby and in laws. It was a nice trip full with food! =_=
morning market at Hadyai, still very much the same since my last visit 2 years ago....

Time for a nice and sweet dream now, will do a proper updates soon!
Good night all~


  1. Was it packed in Haadyai? I've never been there before :) Can't wait to read more.

  2. So you are back and i am back, now we shall enjoy blogging again..good good,,

    so did you go for thai massage?

    have a great week ahead ya

  3. can't wait for your travel post, leng nui :)

  4. It's not really that far from where you live.. hence the short trip! But I have calculated that I will need at least 5-6 hours for me to get there (I live in Pahang)

  5. Can't wait to see your last minute shopping loots.

  6. Wah..travelled so far. Can't wait for your post about your shopping in Haadyai.

  7. Am waiting for more photos~

    And thanks for the snacks you bought for us :)

  8. Barbara, nope, it wasnt really crowded during my visit there ;)

    Eugene, yes of course! But I went to the foot massage only, 250 baht per hour! very syok! :P

    Yvon S, hehe okok!

    thule, that should not be a problem la, take turns to drive lo...

    Yan, Mummy Gwen, Yvonne, ok, will find the time to blog about it!

    Kaleido Mind, yep I had~

  9. wow, cant wait for ur update with lots of CNY shopping :P

    have a superb vacation.

  10. Anggie's Journal, okok, please stay tune :P

  11. Ahhh... we went here too, the clock tower market! Nicely captured!


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