Monday, January 10, 2011

Season of the witch 2011

Happy 3rd birthday to this blog! ;)
Cant believe its been 3 years since I rant everything here, LOL :D

Back to the topic, this is the 1st movie I watched in the cinema this year.

image from here

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Ron Perlman, Claire Foy


14th century knight, Behmen (Nicholas Cage) is commanded to transport an accused witch (Claire Foy) to a remote abbey, where the monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the black plague which has killed lots of poeple. They start the adventurous mission together with another knight, a priest, an itinerant swindler and an ambitious youth. The journey turns even harder when they learn that the accused witch is not just an odinary witch.....

As a big fan of Nicholas Cage, I dont want to miss a chance to watch this movie. It turns out that, the movie isnt as good as what I've expected, the talking part is somewhat boring... But overall, I'd give a rating of 3/5 ;)

more infor here


  1. happy 3rd anniversary to your blog!!

    Hope many more years to come.... and lets continue to blog and read each others blog. haha.....

  2. mNhL, thanks thanks ;)
    Yea, keep blogging ^^

  3. oh~ time flies.... happy 3rd anniversary to your blog!

    It's been long since I last checked the movie on cinema. I love Nicholas Cage too, but just wonder is this movie in 3D here? I don't want to watch if it's 3D...

  4. Yvonne, thanks ;)
    Nope, it's not in 3D here. I wont be watching too if its in 3D *wink*

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely blog, and thanks you for keeping us entertained with your handy beauty info, scrumptious gourmet and wonderful outing!

    Ohh, I used to be a big fan of Nicholas Cage!

  6. ahhh I thought of watching that too but I guess i could giv it a miss since it not that fantastic

  7. happy 3rd anniversary to your blog!! , keep on writing !!

    i hardly watch movie now, every movie we wanna watch, we always make sure, my boy will like it !!
    Other wise, half way of the movie he will said : Mummy, why so long , i wanna go home now !! O.o

    I saw the making of this movie, no bad ...

  8. Alice, haha thanks for reading mine ;)

    dblchin, there're some interesting parts also la...

    Anggie's Journal, I understand... So I think animation will be a better choice ;)

  9. aaa...a movie review or synopsis.

    No Nicholas Cage is one of my favourite male actors. He looks cool in the "Sorcerer's apprentice".

    Reading your synopsis, I will definitely want to watch this movie because I love movies that are set in medieval era, where swords, arrows and heavy armours are involved. I think their fights are manly coz they fought hand to hand unlike today where, people shoot from far away with missiles and bullets. An unfair and coward battle.

    I think I have blog for 3 years too. We both should have a "Yamseng" shout lah. Hahaha!

  10. Well done ! U kept your blog for 3 years and going strong. I guess this a good movie, will check it out.

  11. In some ways time has floiwn for me. I reset my blog (destroyed it?) three years ago, December... Now my current blog is likewise three years old. Congratulations! Keep blogging!

  12. Willie, he's certainly a professional actor!
    Oh, your blog is 3 years old too? haha high 5!

    ChrisAu, ya, I'll keep blogging ;)

    Keith, thanks and happy blogging to you too!

  13. I'm almost into my 3rd year(i think) - i delete my previous rantings & focus mainly on movies / MV

    Here's wishing that you have a "therapeutic effect" from blogging & many years more in blogging


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