Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things that make me happy

1. A sushi meal

2. Knowing my family and friends are in good health, safe and happy

3. Exercising and sweating and losing weight ;)

4. Able to spend quality times with my other half, and precious family (Family always comes 1st in my life)

5. Getting rid of Mr Annoying in my life, forever

What about you? What makes you happy?


  1. Retail therapy always make me happy...
    Looking at my children makes me happy too... er, only when they are well-behaved.

    Get rid of Mr Annoying forever would be the best! High5!!!

  2. LOL, it seems both of you really pissed off by this Mr.Annoying! Ohhh, Juan Juan loves Sushi too... next time when you visit K.L just drop me a message, we go to get Sushi ok?!

    Basically if my sprouts are healthy and didn't give me much trouble I'll be happy liao! See, one of them is playing dustbin now...=_=

    Keep well and have a nice day!

  3. lol! I also hate Mr Annoying very much. He is very irritating.

  4. Happy?? Gathering with a group of friends (my besties whom I don't get to see often) for a meal.. be it lunch or dinner!
    Also to be able to spend time with the family...
    and oh yes... to be able to eat good food

  5. Now tell me who mr annoying is? looks on the brighter side,, you mmmmmmmmm still got the,,,,,,,

    take care now ya

  6. Yvonne, haha, I know we share the same thing in the list :P

    Alice, haha sure! You treat ok! :P

    Yan, LOL, nobody likes him anyway....

    thule, that is true! Able to spend time with family is the greatest happiness of all...

    Eugene, haha I think you can guess who la.... you're smart ma.... :P

  7. If only I can have a whole month of holidays but with salary.....haha...i think i will have nothing to complaint.

  8. Pretty lady always come with many Mr Annoying !!! :P

    A well behave, happy and healthy kids always make me superb happy.. but a good retail therapy always make me feel good too :P
    and losing weight make me happy too ... but i just cant achieve on this O.o

  9. Hmm... Who's that Mr Annoying? Can't think anyone now. What makes me happy? My Son...^^

  10. mNhL, haha thats my wish also leh.... but will it come true?? =_=

    Anggie's Journal, retail therapy makes me happy also ^^

    AngelineBK, LOL, you know one... think harder......

  11. a lovely post :) you still want to lose weight?

  12. Hahaha! I used to have a Mr Annoying in my life too and I SUCCEEDED in getting rid of him!! Just say bye-bye and leave lor :p

    Actually all the things that make you happy make me happy too... except for no.3 cos I hate exercising (but don't mind losing some weight la) hehe.

  13. Barb, yes of course I want lo... ^^

    ChloeRuoyi, LOL, just say bye bye and leave..... true also *wink*

  14. Hey Hayley,
    I think I can make you happy with no. 1 if you ever come to kulai, or when I am back in klang. :)
    but I sure hope I wont be no. 5.

    may you stay happy always.
    Have a nice day my friend

  15. Johnnie L, haha ok ;)
    No, of course you're not the no 5 :P
    Thanks for dropping by and you have a nice day too!

  16. Wow, almost same like yours actually except No 5 cos I don have a Mr Annoying in my life ^^

  17. YT, wow, thats great~ How I wish I can get rid of Mr Annoying...

  18. Very curious to know how Mr. Annoying look like. Next time post a group pic of you all with him lah..keke.

    Sleeping and spending quality time with my family make me happy.

  19. Dun worry,Mr.Annoying often said he left 2 years~~ is very fast. hehe..

  20. Mummy Gwen, sure wanna see him meh? Later you have nightmare, wakakaka :P

    cinderella, but I scare I'm not able to wait until 2 years later, haha :D

  21. Ooo...I wonder who is Mr. Annoying?! xD Be happy always darling~ Take good care of yourself, ya? ;)

  22. Erika, erm, he is someone I dont like, someone who make my life miserable.....
    But no worries, I'm good ;)
    You take care too!


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