Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BDS lou sang!

Phewww.. finally I can sit down and update my blog ;)

Before the Rabbit year arrives, the gang aka BDS (Black Dog Society) organized a reunion dinner at Jin Yu Man Tang restaurant (or more like a 收工酒 to us ^^). There were about 20+ of us and we reserved a big room equipped with KTV ;)

Now let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

must not miss the Yee Sang!

dishes we ordered (comes in package) are salad prawns, sharkfin soup, deep fried fish...

chicken soup, fried rice and assorted mushrooms and greens

more of us now... everybody is in the BDS shirts ;)

hubby and I :P

other couples

sing and dance!!

doing what I like, sing ^^

lou sang!! may the new year bring more good lucks to me!

decent us

l-r: yours truly, Elie, Tingki, Cindy

plus a flower boy?

with the girls again..


towards the end of the night, the guys went crazy and.....

LOL, back to the 80s where they tuck in their shirts and buttons up! :)

More on my CNY events coming soon!


  1. Wow, great company + delicious food = lots of fun + sweet memories!!! Lovely!^^

  2. I can see from the pictures that you guys were having a good time together. Food, song and laughters, what more is better than this gathering.

  3. Hahaha... they look smart dressing up as 80's. Not bad, not bad....

    Btw, I saw 1 girl is not in her BDS attire although she wore black :o An outlaw, hehehe!

  4. OMG the food so yumz!

    Envy u and ur gang outings. Look so fun everytime.

    And u look awesome in the solo pic ^^

    Happy CNY again!

  5. BDS,,,,must be a happy lot,,, should keep this spirit rolling untill all of you are olding hahahha

  6. Such a great and happy group to belong to. Can eat, can party, can have fun and even do good deeds :)

  7. Hey, lots of fun! The last photo was so funny! LOL

  8. Thanks everybody! We really had lotsa fun that night! ;)

  9. LOL, I think your hubby is one energetic and cheerful guy, you are blessed of having him(mine way too serious)!^-^ Hey, such simple and nice celebration... me too, feel so lazy to update my kids' blog(sigh~!)... still in CNY mood mar!>_<

  10. Alice law, haha ya, he can be very funny sometimes ;)

  11. seems to have a time of your life.
    everybody's so gay.(happy) I forgot to lo sang this year. anyway gong xi fa cai.(it is still cny right?)

  12. Awesome gathering with lots of food, fun and laughter. I like the pics of you and your Hubby...lovely.

  13. Johnnie L, its still CNY and you can still lou sang with your family!!

    Mummy Gwen, hehe thank you!

  14. Yeash, I like the lovely couple pics of you and your hub!

    Btw, what is the BDS group ya?


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