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Company CNY dinner in the year of Rabbit

Wishing all my readers Happy Chap Goh Meh! 元宵节快乐!*

Similar to last year, most of the Chinese colleagues attended company CNY dinner which happened last Saturday, at the same restaurant as last year.
Now I shall let the pictures (with no sequence) do the talking.. Enjoy!

ang pao as door gift, inside it was the Jackpot ticket ;) the numbers attached were for lucky draw purpose (I dint won anything =_=)

us (Yan, Yvonne, yours truly), a year ago...

and us, now ;)

the ladies...

with Khor from Costing department, she looks great even without makeup

as per requested (haha), us the IT department ladies went on stage and sang. this year, we sang '爱的路上只有我和你' by Richie Ren and '热情的沙漠' by Harlem Yu

Yan and Yvonne with our company GM

and the rest with the GM himself too :P

the food we had that night, almost similar to last year's

but more dishes served this time..

managers sponsored liquor and red wine

myself with Yvonne and her sister Celine

with Karen (left) and Fuego (right)

with other colleagues as well

This time around, I dint had any liquor nor red wine. So may be thats why I felt that the dinner last year was more fun, LOL :D Nonetheless, all of us enjoyed ourselves too. Its where we get together to eat, drink and laugh and watched people dress up nicely or oddly, LOL :P
p/s: You can read Yvonne's blog here and Yan's here.


  1. My company just had lunar dinner yesterday but too sad I dint joined cause too tired and unfeeling well. Anyway, cny is going end soon and I start looking forward for Dragon new year!
    Happy Chap Goh Meh yaaa... ;)

  2. I want to thank you for your superb good and clear cemera. I found myself more beautiful in your camera. Wakakaka! Me beh paiseh!

  3. LOL, I have yet got a chance to attend any company dinner... so much fun like hvg a gathering with bunch of good friends!

    Happy Chap Goh Meh!

  4. Ah... I can see more wrinkles on my face this year (sob sob). I only had 1 glass of diluted liquor... not enough, frankly, to boost up my spirit, lol!

  5. tiga ladies pakat ka,, why same topic on the same day one?

    now i have this to comment,,,, keep the friendship ,,,,,,,ya?

    happy chap goh mei

  6. You're getting prettier year by year :)

  7. I am working in MNC so no CNY company dinner for me... but tonite my boss is treating me dinner! Yay!

    Happy Chap Goh Meh to u!

  8. Hi Hayley,

    Your company organised a CNY dinner? How cool is that? Your company must be own by a Chinese right? That's the spirit! As a government servant we are unlikely to have party like this especially when it is related to Christmas and Chinese New Year. But I like my old company. They organised a lot of parties for us.

    Browsing your photos, i can see a lot of pretty ladies. Hahahaha! and the most beautiful lady is Hayley Yong. No Doubt! Your husband must be proud to have a beautiful lady like you in his life. Do you agree with me Hayley?

    The food? Looks superb!

    Have a nice day Hayley.

  9. Hi Hayley,

    I have read your post on Valentine's Day earlier on. The last photo got my attention. I wish you left the writing there. At least, they will improve their service later.

    But the booking? You did the booking by yourself and not your husband? Hahahaha Not romantic liao! hahahaha just kidding!

    The idea of celebrating the day with three other couples is interesting. At least we have more people to join the fun and chat. If the baby can talk, definitely the conversations would be a lot funnier and jolly right?

    You are right also about the cake. The cake was your saviour! There was a saying " a hungry man is an angry man ". Hahaha!

    Have a nice day again Hayley.

  10. Evelyn, hmm, nvm lo, you need more rest now ;)
    Happy Chap Goh Meh~

    Yan, haha no problem!

    Alice Law, gathering with friends can be fun too!

    Yvonne, hehe you should have more then :P

    Eugene, well, at least not blogging at the same day ma!

    Yvon S, hehe thanks alot!

    YT, guess you're enjoying your dinner now! Have fun~

    Willie, its not purely own by chinese but we have quite alot of chinese here ;) All year long, there're functions for Chinese, Malay and Indian as well!
    Haha thanks for the compliment :P (Btw my surname is Ong :P)
    As for the Valentine's celebration, no doubt there were some unhappy scenes, we still enjoyed la~
    Thanks for dropping by and you have a nice day too!

  11. Hi Hayley, wow! Enjoyed looking at all the pics. Everyone look gorgeous!
    And the food is out of this world, looks so delicious.

    Holy Smoke! Your looks really alike with the pic in my blog, ha ha.
    Like you or your twin.
    Can see you all had loads of fun.
    Happy chap goh mei.

  12. Hi Lee, thanks for the compliment! ;)
    We enjoyed the food and the company as well, it was a great event for us to get together to eat, drink and laugh!
    You have a great day ahead!

  13. So many great singers in your IT department...hehe. Can see you all had a great time.

  14. Wow, syiok-nye! So far the 4 yrs that I'm in my company, they never hve such thing as CNY dinner leh even though it's a Chinaman company.

  15. Mummy Gwen, haha yes, we had fun that night!

    Alice Phua, hmmm, may be you can suggest to the management? :P


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