Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Foot reflexology chart

Many of us know that the areas of our feet reflects the different parts of our body, take a look at this chart.
image from here

So which area is the most painful one when you massage your feet? My last trip of foot massage was during my recent trip to Hatyai, I remember the most painful area is the inner part which represents colon, spine, intestines and bladder (according to the chart). Cham la.... does it means my colon, spine, intestines and bladder are problematic?! :0


  1. Never been for any foot reflexology before. Will keep this chart as reference, if I visited one of those places in future.

    Maybe I can ask my hubb to massage my leg tonight, kekeke!

  2. Hi Hayley,

    I have seen the chart before. I did try other methods of checking my health. The first one was through my palm and the second was through my eye balls. I have discovered my health problem but i won't blog about it. Hahaha!

    Have a nice day yeah?

  3. I never had a foot reflexology before. My Hubby massaged my feet before but I don't feel anything...hehe..maybe not enough power.

  4. I have been once to food massage, but I forgot which part is painful liao. Hehehe. Hopefully, non of the area has significant problem.

  5. I've yet to try foot massage. Some said very painful.

  6. this is very informative. i have been to a foot massage before but can't remember which part hurt. the masseur was from China and she was speaking in really deep Chinese accent which I couldn't understand.

  7. I had my last foot massage 4 years ago in Beijing before I have Juan and Xuan, surprisingly I didn't feel much pain(just a bit ticklish)... now probably if I went back for foot massage, both my feet will be in excruciating pain(since my whole body is aching now)!>_<

  8. I thought of going for a full body massage and foot reflexology but no time. haha... I usually ask them to use less energy when doing the foot massage especially if the masseuse is a guy.
    btw, u have a facebook account?thought of adding u.

  9. Hi Hayley, this is very good. I and my wife have been doing hands reflexology past 10 years....
    Every morning. Massaging, pressing our hands, back and front, fingers too.
    It works.

    Good posting. Only problem is hard to doo or reach the feet, hands easier.
    Have fun, Lee.

  10. I cannot stand foot reflexology lol,,, sakit,, then i won't enjoy it i prefer body massage, but then again very expensive too, RM89 for 1 hour lol.

  11. Yvonne, haha hope you had a relaxing one! :P

    Willie, I bet everybody have some health problems, hmmm, gotto take good care!

    Mummy Gwen, yes, not enough power, must go to those trained masseur.

    Yan, ya hopefully non of the area has significant problem.

    mNhL, people said the more health problem, the painful it is! :0

    Barbara, oh usually China people very good in it!

    Alice Law, agree, sometimes it can be very ticklish, cant help but to laugh haha :P

    ChrisAu, LOL, but true, guys are stronger when it comes to foot massage ;)

    Lee, wow! Good exercise! Well, ask your wife to massage your feet :P
    Hope you're having a nice day!

    Eugene, haha understand, painful and ticklish at the same time ;)

  12. I don't quite believe in this as I think exercise is more practical to have a healthy body :-)


  13. Miss Woody, bonjour~
    thanks for dropping by!

    Zooropa, well, you got a point there! I went for the massage purely just to enjoy, LOL :P

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