Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gathering with the pretty faces

Every CNY, I wont miss the chance of meeting up my girl friends who came back from KL/Singapore. Usually there'll be lots of chit chatting and laughter and lots to catch up too!
This day, I set hubby free and let him arrange his own activities without me! wakakak :D

We went for a reunion dinner at one of the restaurant at Pokok Assam, but sadly, they dint offer any yee sang :( So, our 'leader' Esther drove all the way to town area and bought us a box of yee sang :)

we are happy now!

with Crystal, one of my best buddy

ready? time to lou sang!! everbody huat ar!!

all of us.. they are my secondary school classmates

after the dinner, we headed to Alfresco Bistro situated at SSL hotel.
a very nice place for gathering

thats our 'leader', Esther ;) used to call her 'tai ka jie' (big sister) cause she used to coordinate our meetings :P


l-r: Crystal, Tingki, myself (for once, we were the only 3 girls who stays at Taiping.. but now, even Crystal went to Singapore to work =_=)

another photo with Crystal

last but not least, all of the pretty girls that night :P

The night dint end here, we went for a 3rd round of gathering at Crystal's house. Hmmm, we had taken dinner, and we had few glasses of drinks too, so what else can we do at her house? haha, gamble lo of course! :P


  1. Sometimes it feels good to do some outing without boys... There's never enough gossiping and girls talk.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself that night. Friendship with girlfriends ought to be treasured.

  2. Girls, girls, girls. Happy for you too! Hey, nive dress, Mei.

  3. Wah, ladies' night, I can't wait for my turn! They are indeed beautiful!

  4. This was a fun ladies night outing. I miss this type gathering a lot. Guess have to wait a few more years when my kids are older to be independent.

  5. wow, so many gal yeh ^^
    actually u married dy, right?

  6. Wah.... So many leng luis... Next time call me to join, ok ?

  7. Yvonne, yes true! Gathering with all friends is indeed fun! We can do and gossip whatever we like ;)

    AngelineBK, thanks!

    Alice Law, ok, hope your turn is coming up soon!

    Yan, dont worry, few more years and you can do this too!

    HelenCC, yep, married :P

    ChrisAu, LOL, then you'll have to travel all the way to my hometown!

  8. Wow... really all pretty pretty hahaha.

    What a fun gathering. Girls outings are FUN!

  9. YT, thank you! I appreciate girls outing! So much fun!

  10. wow, that what i miss the most with all my GF lei .... we used to hv gathering like that ... but now ... hardly meet up ... if got also cant gather so much , mayb 3 to 6 person ... we hv a group of 12 chi mui actually .... i miss i miss ....:P

    heh ... happy valentine day ... hmmmm wish u hv a great valentine with the one u love ...:P

  11. btw, like to exchange link with u , if u dun mind :P

  12. Anggie's Journal, well, a small gathering also can bring alot of laughters and sharing ;)
    Sure, I've linked you *wink*

  13. What a great gathering with the girls. I miss this kind of gathering. All of you look pretty and young too.

  14. This looks fun! I've never done this before cos I don't have such a large group of girlie buddies. You have so many friends! :)

  15. Mummy Gwen and ChloeRuoyi, thank you! I miss gathering with them...

  16. Nice gathering yeah! I love your flowering top!


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