Saturday, February 19, 2011

Have a fabulous weekend!

image here

How is your Saturday so far? I'm working half day and cant wait to clock out and go home!! Today will be a busy day as I've got some house chores to do.... =_=
Whatever you're doing, please take care and have fun before we welcome the Monday blue again...


  1. Happy Weekend!! Btw, this coming monday no blues

  2. Thanks for the reminder from Yvonne. Should be no blue on Monday. By the way, I have a facial appointment today to do spring cleaning on my very tired and dirty face.

  3. The penguin is so cute!^^ Love it! This weekend, I'm just gonna stay at home and pamper myself to DIY spa, facial, mani+pedi and home-cooked food~ Nothing fancy but it's good enough for me. ;)

    Happy weekend, darling! Enjoy!

  4. Weekend over :(
    Well, I just shop on sat ... But in carrefour & telco :p

  5. Yvonne and Yan, yeah! Peaceful day ;)

    Erika, hope you had a great weekend~ Those sounds very nice to me!

    ChrisAu, wow, guess you did some shopping! =)


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