Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hope its not too late to say, hoi kong tai kat!!

Works have been very very busy lately!! hur hur T_T It's only the 2nd day at work :(
I'm so jealous seeing most of you already update about your CNY events!!

Anyway, I'm taking a break from my busy work schedule and come visit you guys....
proper updates soon!!


  1. I know you've been busy lately, take your time and enjoy this festive season :)

  2. Is ok Hayley, we understand that. Don't let it spoil your mood updating your blog ok? We patiently wait for your CNY post. Cheer up ya.Anyway it is still CNY you can still celebrate and have lots of fun till day of 15th!

  3. Looking forwarad to your CNY entries.. Take it easy on the workload, ok..

  4. Life is always full of ups and downs. Thank goodness, you have pulled it through. Looking forwards to more updates from you.

  5. Yvonne, thanks and I'm feeling better now..

    AngelineBK, LOL ok, thanks for the support! :P

    Inspired Momx1 and dblchin, already blogged one ;)

    Yan, thanks for the support ya!


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