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On the 4th day of CNY...

... we had no ideas of where to go for gathering. So hubby invited the gang to his place at night.
We tapao-ed Pizza Hut, curry fish and fried kai lan from outside, and I prepared 3 big pots of rice and steamed eggs with prawns for the guests. Besides, there were some snacks and drinks too.
Then one of our friend Tony made us fresh mushroom soup with garlic breads. Sorry I forgot to snap photo of the food, as I was too busy entertaining them :P

after dinner, it was gambling time, LOL :P

I won abit in the beginning, but lose in the end :(

some friends who were there

the guests were busy playing poker cards, and I was busy cleaning up the plates and food at the side, LOL

No doubt it was fun having friends at home, but the tedious part is the cleaning which comes at the end..... Luckily I got those lady friends who helped me out =)


  1. wow,big gathering.. so fun har!! This cny I never met u but i met ur hubby at my sis' kopitiam.. haha! hope to see you next time.. ;)

  2. nice to have a gathering of friends such like this and in such an occasion..

    hey i was surprised to read this,"so hub invited his friend to his place.." i thought supposed to be to our place hahahahahah.

  3. I love such gathering too, but terrified of the cleaning part. Lucky you, got friends who offered to help :) Some come, eat, drink, gamble and cabut, hahah!

  4. lol on Eugene's comment. After a year, you are still not used to take his place as "our" place. The cleaning part is definitely not fun, luckily no kid around, otherwise the cleaning part is even worse.

  5. Evelyn, ya I heard my hubby mentioned. Its ok, hopefully the next time I see you, I able to see your baby too! :)

    Eugene, LOL, I dint aware there's anything wrong with that statement... :P
    'His' or 'Our', same only la! :P

    Yvonne, yes, with their helps, at least I can go to bed earlier ^^

    Yan, haha :D
    Yes, luckily no kids around, if not, works would be heavier =_=

  6.'s always fun to have friends at home :) hmm..i don't like the cleaning part too :(

  7. were so busy there cleaning up. Anyway, can see you all had loads of fun. :)

  8. Barbara and Mummy Gwen, yes, play 1st, work later, LOL :P

  9. Such an enjoyable outing! I always longing for this type of activities during CNY but no more already of late...hahaha... All my friends grew old and got families.

  10. ChrisAu, I understand. I think after another 3-4 years, I'm about to experience the same thing.. LOL :P

  11. It is good to have a group of friends gather together at home during cny... I dislike the cleaning part too... But lucky you got some girl friend to help you there.

  12. Mummy Moon, yea, though I felt abit paiseh to let the guests helped me, but if they offer then I dont mind lo... muahaha :D

  13. LOL, must salute you to have party at home, I know it'll be real mess(my experience)... thank god you have girls who give a hand or two!^-^

    Such nice gathering!

  14. Alice Law, since it was CNY so we invited the friends along... Despite the cleaning part, we had fun too~

  15. It's fun to host a gathering but the real kick-back is having to clean up after hahaha.

    I am lazy :P

    But an awesome party u had!

  16. YT, thanks! It was fun yet tiring, LOL :P

  17. Oh, yes, I agree, the cleaning part at the end is the hardest part...hehehe....that's why I can't imagine myself holding a party at home. ^_^

  18. Alice Phua, hehe, if we have maid at home then nvm la~ :P


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