Friday, February 18, 2011

Pai Ti Kong 2011

It was the ninth day of CNY and is one of the important celebration for the Hokkien. Relatives came to our place to help out and offer prayer to Ti Kong (天公), Jade Emperor. If I'm not mistaken, it's the 2nd time I prayed at in laws' place.

thats hubby and I preparing the 红炮 (red firecrackers)

before 12am, SIL and I had fun playing some fireworks, haha

I know normally only children play this :P

ping ping piang piang, so CNY~

the offering table

with hubby, MIL and SIL

some food we prepared, roasted pork, assorted chinese kuih, miku, steamed prawns and crabs, pandan cake and etc

we arranged the gold praying papers on the floor, the higher the stack the better!

after the prayers, it was time to burn the gold papers (ti kong kim)

and after that, we had our late supper, haha! I walloped alot of steam prawns, pandan cake and some siew bak (roasted pork) *guilty*

lastly, some fireworks we managed to capture that night. it was very happening that night, fireworks around our place went on until 3am =_= despite the noise, I dozed off anyway cause I was too tired and sleepy already, kakaka :D


  1. Wow, so happening!

    I am not Hokkien and my family is not very traditional so we never have such kind of celebrations. It seems fun.

  2. 天公诞是新年其中最热闹的一天! N年没留下来祭拜了, 好怀念那热闹的气氛哦!!

  3. Your roasted pork (Shio Bak) make me drool lo! Your house was very happening.

  4. Wow! Very happening due to relatives coming and firecrackers :) No worries, nowadays many adults also playing fireworks, like my hubb and FIL, wakakaka!

  5. Cool........ hey have a great weekend ya, be back reading your updates.

  6. Wah~! You have a filthy rich in laws!;D I miss those fire crackers so so much!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Wah, feels meriah! Over in my residential area, i can see the neighbours celebrating but not as meriah loh.

  8. Wah...your house is like a mansion. We didn't dare to hold the fireworks like how you and your SIL did it lah...looks scary.

  9. Really happening wor... I've never played with fire crackers before, can you believe it haha. Your in-laws' house is very nice :)

  10. It's a real grand celebration there huh! I played fireworks with my nieces & nephews too :-)


  11. YT, yes it's fun. If you have the chance you gotto experience it for yourself..

    Evelyn, 嗯,拜天公真的很好玩!哈哈!

    Yan, haha yes, the siew bak very nice~

    Yvonne, yes, firecrackers really add more fun to such function!

    Eugene, wishing you the same!

    Alice Law, haha thanks :P

    Alice Phua, hmm actually there were not many people around here who pray the Ti Kong, but I can see lots of fireworks around~

    Mummy Gwen, haha actually I also played once only :P

    ChloeRuoyi, thank you! ;)

    Zooropa, kids sure love fireworks right!

    Willie, thanks! Wishing you a great evening!

  12. ChrisAu, LOL, no, that is not istana :P

  13. OMG!!! I miss Pai Ti Gong so much!!!

  14. Shirlexia, oh you missed the fun! Hmmm, nvm, wait for next year! :D

  15. hahahahhha...i can't help laughing when i saw you and your sil playing fireworks. you are right, normally only kids play them :D hey, i like plants in your in-law house (the first pic).

  16. Wah...your house is so big! What a great gathering you had! So nice! :D

  17. My family ever since my Ah Gong passed away we stopped the grand Bai Ti Gong d! :(

  18. Barbara, hehehe, its been so long since I last played fireworks :P
    Thanks! Those are chinese bamboo trees ;)

    Erika, thanks! (not my house though :P)

    Shirlexia, oh... what about your bf's house? Or relative's?


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