Friday, February 25, 2011

Something on a Friday

Note: Happy Birthday to Yan!

After a long hard week, Friday is finally here! :D Hope you guys are doing well!

Nothing much to mention, just wanna wish everybody a happy Friday and have an awesome weekend!

On a separate note, here's a group photo of us (MIS department) with visitors from TOYO management, who went back to Japan yesterday.

Mr Tomomi Unigame (middle left), Mr Shuzo Tominaga (middle), and Mr Eiji Ishibashi (middle right). Not any handsome than Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉) :P, but definetely very polite and dedicated, we really got lots to learn from them...


  1. Most Japanese businessman are very polite and generous.

  2. Hmm... how come they are much more polite than us, the ladies, here? I think they are the politest race in the world. I feel so, so paiseh. Really must learn from them.

  3. Frankly speaking, I was impressed at Mr. Ishibashi. He is a friendly and polite GM.

  4. Happy Friday to you :D Oh i love Kimura Takuya. I bet if one of them looks like him, you won't be able to concentrate huh? kakakakakka.

  5. mNhL, yes! Ladies and gentlemen there very well mannered ;)

    Yvonne, true... really must those manners from them, hehe ^^

    Yan, I agree with you, he's very humble too!

    Barbara, kakakaka, if he looks like Takuya, sure we all lost concentration at works :P

  6. Nice pic. All of you wear uniform to formal. :)

  7. Uh! Celcom just pissed me off. Hahaha..i had to retyped my comment.

    But then,...never mind.

    Just wish your friend a happy birthday too.

    And I learned something today.

    First, you work in MIS dept. Secondly, maybe your company is TOYO company too, the famous plastic items maker. And thirdly, you guys have Japanese bosses.

    And finally, in your last post, you went to Japan.

    Hmmm...this is interesting.

    Have a nice day Hayley.

  8. Mummy Gwen, yes, we gotto wear uniform here ;)

    Willie, hi there! Good observation :P
    Its true, I work in MIS dept and currently we're under Toyo management ;)
    Thanks for dropping by!

  9. So u worked with japanese! Any kawaii jap gee there ? Haha ... Have a good weekend!

  10. ChrisAu, so far, I havent seen any Japanese ladies yet.. :P

    AngelineBK, thanks!

  11. hey I like this kind of work-visiting & this pic must be valuable for remembrance to each other!


  12. Zooropa, yes, we plan to develop the photo at pin at our office board ;)

  13. Your company has uniform? I wish mine has too so that I don have to think of what to wear (not that I really think but then...)

  14. YT, pros and cons la! For us we gotto wear the same uniform everyday, but for others, they can have fun mix and match!


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