Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is a blog filler...

Hai! Ohaiyo gozaimasu! Ogenki desuka?

LOL, pardon me for the weird introduction as we're currently meeting up 3 Japanese from Toyo management. They are here to learn and understand our working environment and all system related issues. I foresee more chances coming in the future that we'll be dealing alot with Japanese so its important to learn up Japanese language, well at least the basic :P

Dealing with the Japanese actually reminds me of the beautiful Japan and my trip there 2 years ago.....

hubby and I at Glover Mansion Japan, a country which I really wish to visit again!

Anyway, this is obviously a blog filler as I really running outta topics to blog =_=" Life has back to normal ever since CNY's over and workloads are pretty crazy these days.....

Til then, take care! chia neh~ (which means 'see you')


  1. Don't worry about blogging, it will come naturally,for me i can blog about anything,life itself is a great story.... you can talk bout your job,your dream,youreself, your mood of the day, your family and your hub,,,so so many things to talk about,isn't it?

  2. Ohayo~

    No worries, as ideas will be flowing in as we progress ;)

  3. Eugene, LOL, you may be right! :P

    AngelineBK, haha thanks. But I know only a lil bit, learn from Japanese dramas :P

    Yvonne, yea right! And who knows we might get the chance to go Japan :P

  4. Nice pic. Ok..concentrate on your work first. Blog when you are free.

  5. Oh got such thing as a blog filler... I've just learned something new :)

  6. Blog filler.. Yours surely have more words than mine when I am not in the mood to blog though I can blog about anything when the mood comes. LOL..

  7. Mummy Gwen, thank you! Well, sometimes I try to focus on work 1st, but still, my mind will wander around, LOL :P

    ChloeRuoyi, haha, just dont want to leave my blog 'empty'... :P

    Inspired Momx1, just a coincidence only.. sometimes I really got nothing to blog about =_=

  8. Wow. Japan!

    So pretty.

    U've been to quite many places! So lucky. Hopefully I get to visit Japan soon too! I wanted to go Tokyo Disneyland :P

  9. YT, you too! I see you've been travelling alot too ;)

  10. Wah, dealing with Ga Lou can definitely promote a great business opportunity!

    very scenic picture you have got there!

    Well, you can share with us your beauty secret, hehe! For instance how to maintain your vibrant and supper skin!;D

  11. Alice Law, yes, who knows we get a chance to visit Japan leh... :P
    LOL, beauty secret? I dont have any beauty secret la, just some basic cleansing and moisturising *wink*

  12. Very nice pic there! I'm the opposite, I mean I'm rather flexible this moment at work 'coz we normally have hectic schedule in yr end & b4 CNY!

    ok chia neh :-)


  13. Nice pix ! So, are u going back to japan sometime ths year ?

  14. Zooropa, well, my jobs is quite uncertain actually, depending on user's needs..

    ChrisAu, thanks!
    Erm, I'd like to, but the chances are small =_=


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