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What a memorable Valentine's 2011!

If you read my comment in the previous blog post, I mentioned I had a memorable V day this year!
I made an early reservation at Raintree cafe, Flemington Hotel since last Friday, and looked forward for V day itself, as I said, this time we were going to celebrate V day with another 3 couple friends.

the menu 'shrinks', these were the only few choices they offer that night =_="

after placing our orders, its camwhoring time!

my valentine =)

the girls...


Elie (the girl beside me) bought us a chocolate cake from La Promise bakery, yummy!

the other couples. You notice there was one guy without his valentine that night (in white shirt), he joined us at the very last minute, alone, as his gf was back to UUM

So here comes the food:
the yummy chocolate cake, this was supposed to our dessert, but luckily we had this as our starter, otherwise we'd starved to death (more on that later)

half dozen of chicken wings to share

So here comes the story, we reached at 8pm sharp and there were no customers yet. We placed our orders and expected the food to come within 15-20 minutes may be. Soon more and more customers walked in and some of our food finally came (that also after 40 minutes of waiting!) What even more frust was I saw the table next to us got their food served 1st even we ordered earlier than them!
It was 1.5 hours passed and some of our food still havent arrive =_=" So to cut the story short, all of us waited from 8pm to 9.30pm in order for all of our food to come =_=""

I ordered grilled fish fillet with almonde, which taste so so only cause the gravy was too thick

grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce

NZ sirloin steak which was the last dish being served. Obviously the waiter delivered it to another table =_=

Later, I found out that, there was actually a Valentine candle light dinner going on at the ballroom beside, thats why the cafe was so lack of waiters and the kitchen was lack of staffs. I think they should at least informed us about this in the 1st place!!
Sigh, that summarized our memorable Valentine's Day celebration this year!

lastly, a little 'tips' I gave to the management, LOL :D (nah... I wiped it off in the end)


  1. nice valentine dear....i celebrated mine in Ipoh...must try the cafe at flamington next time

  2. I guess it's the same in many places. They usually can't cope when the crowd is too huge. I had a horrible meal in a well-known restaurant last Christmas too so this Valentine, I decided to cook and have a cosy meal at home.. just the 3 of us :)

  3. lol on your tips to the management. Everywhere was crowded on Valentine's day, that why I chose to stay at home and celebrate some other time.

  4. Hahaha, no wonder you said you had your dessert first to curb your starvation. Waiting for 1.5 hours is definitely not enjoyable at all, although you can stare your loved one for the whole time, kekeke~

    My hubb prefers to avoid the crowds and goes for hawker food *roll eyes*

  5. would be good if you left the tips for them to see. at least they will buckle up and offer better service next time :)

  6. but overall not that bad right , celebrate with 4 couples ...
    well , i had a good movie (shoulin) but a bad dinner la ... the food was not nice O.o

  7. lol for the last pic..Thumb up for u! why wiped off in the end? must show to the management... Imagine when the waiter clean the table and saw it.. wah, the shock face must be very funny! wakaka...
    anyway, everywhere was crowded at this special day.. next time celebrate in advance or belated then wont spoil your good mood le..

  8. Linda, thanks! Yea you should give it a try next time, when its not so crowded.

    ChloeRuoyi, I understand, but the problem is we already reserved the table in advance and we were the 1st customer to arrive...

    Yan, we should have celebrated it earlier or later, haha ;)

    Yvonne, yes! It was just too slow and I lost my patience =_=

    Barbara, I wanted to but my hubby asked me not to, I know he dint want to sound so rude >=(

    Anggie's Journal, haha high 5! Actually the food became 'tasteless' for us too, cause we waited too long already...

    Evelyn, yaya I know! But my hubby told me dont do like that *sien*

  9. 1 1/2 hours wait was definitely not tolerable.. A very memorable V-Day indeed.

  10. My colleague also wait for an hour then she kinda angry and starve too. When the foods arrived, she told the waitress that she dun want and ask for bill :)
    Gonna blog for my valentine's dinner tonight :))))

  11. You guys were the first customers and weren't served first..that's really bad service. Maybe you should just leave the 'tips' there for them..haha.

  12. Wow, I love the photo with the caption Valentine cheers! It's so sweet! You guys look adorable in the picture! So lovely~ :D

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, darling! I'm glad you had a great time with your loved one. Wee!

    Stay sweet, pretty and happy forever~ XoXo~ ;)

  13. Haha.... Guess you have good company and good time on v day! Of course the menu shrink, it's time for then to make $$$$

  14. Inspired Momx1, haha true right, a memorable V day!

    Yvon S, I can understand how she felt....

    Mummy Gwen, imagine my friends watching us eat while they were starving! =_=

    Erika, thank you! I knew you had a nice celebration too!

    ChrisAu, if the menu shrinks but service is good, I wont mind...

  15. wow thats awesome sweetie! got cake somemore!!!
    happy valentines!

  16. dblchin, thanks! Same to you ya~

  17. haha...thought u really leave that 'tip' to the restaurant manager.


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