Friday, February 11, 2011

许愿灯 (The wishing light)

Or some people call it 孔明灯. For once, I heard that this wishing light is banned because of the risk that it'll interrupt flights. But still, many people at my hometown are playing it, probably because there's no airport at my place? =_=

Before the games begin, lets eat 1st shall we? ^^
enjoying the steamboat at a friend's house

Crystal joined

Coincidentally, there's a big field opposite his house, a perfect place to release the wishing light!
thats hubby and I attempting to release one, and believe it or not, I really made a wish when I let go the light :P

we released about 15 wishing lights that night (thats how greedy we are :P)

some fireworks display

Have you play this before?


  1. Wow! 15 lanterns on the sky, make me think of the scene in Rapunzel. I haven't played this before. My kids enjoyed watching it a lot.

  2. I didn't play wishing light before.

    Hey, I should have ask you to add one more wish, if I'd knew you were playing yesterday --> Banish Mr.Annoying forever.... Bwahahaha!

  3. Hayley, 15? that's alot...We dun dare to light so many, ended we bought one big one costs RM28 (also my first time lighten one)
    Read from The Star newspaper yesterday (felt guilty), people being caught of buying and selling this in Penang(got airport)! Shhh....nobody know we released rite except our blogger frens!

  4. Never tried that, must be fun? Imagine 15 of them floating in the sky.. Wow.. :)

  5. Yan, ya, kids enjoyed watching them..

    Yvonne, LOL, I did wish for that, wahahaha :D

    AngelineBK, hmm, luckily there's no airport here...

    Inspired Momx1, ya it was fun lighting them and see it fly!

  6. I played it at Taiwan last year. I no dare play at tpg leh, later drop to ppl's house or get any injury for others then jia lat liao~ hehe

  7. Evelyn, actually I have this concern too =_=
    So I told myself this would be the 1st and last time I played....

  8. Besides seeing it in Rapunzel, I didn't know people actually do it here (in Msia). Must be quite fun to play but dangerous at the same time. Hopefully it didn't drop on people's house and cause fire :p

  9. ChloeRuoyi, come to my hometown and you'll see for yourself :P
    Ya, I hope too!

  10. we have seen these lanterns every year at the temple we go to on chap goh mei. it is pretty dangerous because the lanterns may get stuck on the roofs or trees. good that the authorities are against them but how are they going to check or go after those who release them?

  11. Hi Hayley, Holy Smoke! I have not read, heard about this 'wishing light more than 30 years! Forgot all about it too.
    Yes, I did have this when young....but today in view of it can be dangerous to planes or homes I guess the practice is no longer being played.

    Love your pics here and you really look good in the pics.
    Good photography too....
    Have fun, Lee.
    ps, we now -28'c outside!

  12. Saw a lot at places near temples.

  13. Barbara, I agree. Unless those policemen go rounds the town every night... =_=

    Lee, thanks!
    -28'c??? You please keep warm ok! Hug your wife to get thebody warm! :P

    ChrisAu, ya, its commonly seen at temples ;)

  14. I have yet play this wishing light before, I think it's banned in K.L. Your wishing light looks like a heart shape(how sweet), and it's beautiful too... I wish I can at least play once!^-^

  15. Hope all your wishes come true. :) I've never played before but one wishing light dropped from the sky outside my mum's house and my Hubby actually caught it..haha.

  16. I donno why it is banned, but I guess many Chinese still prefer to continue the tradition.

    Hope ur wish comes true.

  17. Alice Law, haha its not heart shaped actually, may be its the angle problem ;)

    Mummy Gwen, thank you!

    Pete, yes thats what I heard too!

    YT, true, I see shops still sell them.. thats why many people still playing them ^^
    Thanks and you have a nice day!

  18. Due to my concern about dangerous of this flying lantern might cause any mishap, I never dare to try it. I guess you sure feel good when thinking your wishing being brought upwards to get closer to God in heaven, probably God could hear it clearer. Hope your wish come true soon! :)

  19. Wah...I love lanterns!!! Especially floating ones!!! They're so beautiful~ I want one, darling! xD

  20. Shenny's Mommy, thanks thanks! I also hope my prayers heard!

    Erika, today's the last day of CNY, you still can release them tonight! :P


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