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9 hours at Seremban

As promised, updates on my short trip last weekend.
Attended my ex school mate, Yee Hooi's wedding reception at Seremban (approximately 4 hours from Taiping).
I went with Annie and her hubby and we stayed at her cousin house at Cheras (yep, I was their 'lamp post' thru the whole trip, wakakak :D)

Anyway, we arrived at Royal Bintang Hotel, Seremban early Saturday morning....

the bride with her parents

the bride's sisters, and yes I made new friends! :D

us at the lobby, welcoming the groom and his brothers

more photos of us ^^

Annie and I

A few simple games were prepared for the groom and his 2 brothers before he was allowed to meet his wife ;)


Leaving the hotel, we followed the crowd to the groom's uncle house for their tea ceremony....
yours truly with YH

with the bride again and Annie, we 3 were best friends during Form 6

Wedding luncheon was held at restaurant Min Kok. While waiting for the luncheon to start (which was quite late =_=), we took more photos ;)

love this shot!

l-r:MY, Annie and yours truly

with new pretty friend, Barley (some said we look like sisters?)

managed to capture only one food photo, as it's very special compare to the rest

us again!

the bride was busy with her guest lists....

Well finally, the luncheon started, we served ourselves, and the luncheon was over. Since we were at Seremban, we dint want to miss the famous siew pau. With the help of GPS we managed to locate one of the shop...
I can get the same siew pau at my hometown, but at least this one is fresh from oven... LOL

Thats my short trip to Seremban, it's my 1st time there too. I guess the area is not so big, but it's very clean and neat.


  1. I love the bride's wedding gown, simply sophisticated and lovely! Wishing her a beautiful wedding!

  2. Count me too. I like her gown because it's classic :D Err... one day trip to Seremban? Tired?

  3. Nowadays, wedding gown's design is getting simpler and prettier. You think you want to retake your wedding photos if you have a chance to do so? haha... I don't think the elderly will like it. Cause it's bad luck! Btw, is your brother back from Japan already? I think now all the overseas residents are panic and wanted to leave Japan ASAP. What a horrible experience! Hopefully, the radio-active won't spread. Very dangerous! Hope you're having a great day.

  4. Alice Law, yes everybody is saying the same thing! Her gown is simple yet elegant! =)

    Yvonne, yes tired.. It was about an hour journey from Cheras to Seremban =_=

    Kristy, haha I dont think my hubby will agree to re-take the photos also :P
    Nop, my brother is still at Kyoto. His flight is this Sunday, as of today he said Kyoto is fine. Praying hard everything will be alright soon. Thanks for the concern!!

  5. Seremban is quite a boring place, huh? It's great that you still keep in touch with your school friends... still so close like before :)

  6. ChloeRuoyi, not so sure is it boring as we dint spent quite alot of time exploring.. But I see the town has alot of Indian restaurant, and very less chinese food, eh?

  7. Congrats to your the beautiful bride! I love her wedding gown and her gloves. Very chic and elegant.

    I've never been to Seremban before...hehe.

  8. Mummy Gwen, yea, very nice right! Thanks~

  9. Congrats to the wonderful couple!

  10. You are such a good friend, who can travel all the way to friends' wedding.

  11. Yan, hehe yea, cause she is one of my best school mate! And I can take the chance to walk around Seremban ma!


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