Friday, March 18, 2011

Esther & Sean's house warming party

Initially, I planned to meet up with the girls for a yumcha session at KL during my recent visit. Coincidentally, Esther's bf was having a house warming party on Saturday night and we were invited!

some party food Esther prepared for us

a group photo 1st! I like the living hall, especially the big mirror, certainly makes the whole house looks more spacious

From here onwards, you'll see the similar faces in all the photos, LOL :D we did what we do best, photographing!! :P

in Esther's room, I love the wall paper wordings, Live Every Moment, Laugh Everyday, Love Beyond Words

sorry for messing up your bed Esther! :D

love this shot! Luckily we had a good camera man that night!

at the living hall

the kitchen area (we took photos at almost every corner of their apartment)

opps caught on camera! (I was chatting with hubby that time)

moving on, the balcony.
l-r: Sam, Esther, Cat, Yean, yours truly, Annie.
If you notice, thats KL tower and KLCC at the back. Next time we dont have to squeeze with the crowd to watch fireworks already, haha

Annie and I

Esther's love, Muffin

we bought them a tower fan as gift!

Seeing friends around me getting their own house, I am envious! Anyway I know some day I'll get my own house also, just a matter of timing.... ;)


  1. Your friend's hse look nice with the wall sticker :)

  2. Lovely house! Long time i didnt go to a party like this..

  3. the kitchen small, yet very well design, i love it :P

  4. I think the beautiful of this post is about the gals' photos and not the house pics hahahahahah

  5. nice house and so many leng luis :D

  6. Love the house, love the interior design, especially the clock on the wall. A lil small, but cosy and comfortable.

  7. Yvon S, yes, stickers these days are cool and creative!

    reanaclaire, hehe, its fun to go such party!

    Anggie's Journal, yep, very modern design right!

    Eugene, haha thank you! At last someone compliment about the gals :P

    Barbara, thanks yo~

    Yvonne, the apartment isnt big but very cosy, just nice for the both of them ^^

  8. Oh my gosh! Blogspot had an error and failed to publish my comment!

  9. Re-write:

    HeLLo Hayley,

    I like to attend house warming and this post makes me eager to move to my new house soon. I bought a terrace single storey house. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, Sarawakians do not like to buy apartments. They prefer a single storey house or a double storey house. Probably because we still have plenty of undeveloped lands right here. But no matter what type of houses we buy, the most important thing is that, we can call it as our HOME. Right?

    I was looking at your photos and I had two questions in mind: First, Where's your husband? When I look at you on the phone with your hubby, I knew he was left at home. Hahahaha! Why didn't he come?

    Secondly, which one is Esther? I thought she was the one with the white blouse but when I saw your friend gave her a stand fan, then I knew her.

    Finally Hayley, I like the furniture. Very modern. Congrats to them.

    Ok then, Have a nice day yeah?

  10. Willie, opps, I guess it was some temporary techical issue... =_=
    Haha, you're right, my husband was left at home, he was working on Saturday so he couldnt join me :(
    As which one is Esther, hmmm, actually I did 'introduced' her in one of my photo, try to re-read my post and see *wink*
    Congrats on your new purchase! Cant wait to see you blog about it...
    Thanks for the comment and take care!

  11. Hayley,

    Could you pass your e-mail to me? I have something on for you and your hubby. Thanks.

    mail me at

  12. So nice Hayley, gathering with a couple of good friends(without husband and noisy children), good food and decent chats... something I craving so so much!!!>_<

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  13. Willie, hi there, mailed ya!

    Alice Law, yes, sometimes it's a must to gather with own friends and catch up with each other!
    Thanks and wishing you a nice day too!

  14. That is a very nice condominium!!! Lovely place.

  15. YT, yea, a nice cosy apartment ;)

  16. I like all the pics in this post, very nice !

  17. Nice pictures. Your friend's house is very cosy.

  18. To Mummy Moon and Yan, thank you! ^^


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