Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farewell my friend

I was invited to join a colleague's farewell dinner at Raintree cafe, Flemington Hotel last week. She's Khor, from Costing department.

1st, some food we had were Flemington fried rice, grilled black pepper chicken chop, grilled fish fillet and fish & chip.

the food were presentable, but the grilled fish fillet was too salty =_=

more photos now.....

group photo, taken by the cafe's waiter

colleagues from Finance and Costing department

After dinner, we went to Sky Bar, situated at the roof top of the hotel.

this group of ladies love taking photos, haha :P


self timer

by the pool side

no customers when we were there, so we actually occupied the whole area, LOL

are you bored already? haha...

last but not least, yours truly with Khor, the sweet girl who's going to leave the company and helping her husband in their home business. We wished her all the best and promised to keep in touch!

The Sky Bar did not really improve after my 1st visit, the drinks are still very limited. I think the main reason people visit is because of the open air environment...
Anyway hope you enjoy the photos!

Flemington Hotel
No. 1, Jalan Samanea Saman,
34000 Taiping,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.


  1. Hello Hayley, enjoyed looking thru the pics here. And nice to see the lovely friends of yours and their beautiful outfits.
    I have lost touch with Malaysian fashion.
    You sure got beautiful friends too.
    Love the name of that restaurant....food looks good too.

    You have fun and keep well. Lee.

  2. Went Flemington few times but never been cafe and sky bar yet.. the environment look so nice...

  3. I understand this Flamingo hotel is nice, isn't it? read bout it from other bloggers..... but Taiping, not much to see there lol......

    Hey you look pretty,

  4. Looks like a fun outing (although it was a farewell). Khor is so fair, hor?

  5. Pete, yea, ladies night ;)

    Lee, thank you~ Just some casual wear, with light make up, hehe ^^

    Evelyn, hmm nothing much at the sky bar, but no harm give it a try next time ;)

    Eugene, thanks! It's Flemington by the way :P

    Yvonne, yes she's very fair! That's the reason why some of us dont like taking photo with her, muahahaha :D

  6. Food presentation wise is not bad leh, can really consider to improvise it to make bento for my little ones!;d

    Yeah, seems like a great gathering!

  7. Good Luck to your friend. So many lenglui in your company. :)

  8. All the best to your friend.

    Hayley, I might be going to Taiping and from the website, I saw they recommend Casual Market for food. Can you share with me what are nice there? Or any other recommendations of where to eat during lunch time? Please email me at mnhl3011@gmail.com
    Thank you

  9. Alice Law, yes the food is presentable. But some taste not so good...

    Mummy Gwen, hehe thanks!

    mNhL, mailed ya!!

  10. I can see that Khor has a very happy smile right from bottom of her heart. She must be very happy to leave the company and her superior. Wakakaka!

  11. Yan, hahaha, you're absolutely right! :P

  12. yeah colleagues come & go, cherish the time together & wish them good luck :-)


  13. Dora, yes agree. Most important is to keep in touch~

  14. Look like a fun ladies night out even though it's actually a farewell makan.

  15. Alice Phua, yes! We chat alot, and laughed.. not forgetting gossip gossip also, muahahaha :P


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