Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meeting ex colleague

Yvonne, Yan, Celine and I met up with our ex colleague, Yew yesterday during lunch. Its been a while since he left the department.... and it was his birthday too, so we decided to treat him a buffet lunch at SSL Traders hotel.

There was only a table of guest when we arrived, so we helped ourselves, hehe ;)

menu available were plain rice, fried kuey teow, spaghetti with meatball

sweet sour dori fish, steamed potato, mixed greens with broccoli

salad and bee hoon soup

mushroom soup and dessert (cakes and pudding)

Though there were not much varieties, the menu differs each time during our visit. Well at least this is one of the thing customers look for, innovation, LOL :P
We also saw 2 local celebrities during the lunch, Steve Yap and another guy (we cant recall who :P) Too bad, we were too shy to go up and take photo with them, muahaha :D
group photo of the ladies and the birthday boy, Yew

The buffet is RM16 per person.
Here's the address:
Traders Corner
43, Jalan Medan Perwira Satu, Medan Perwira,
34600 Kamunting, Taiping.
Tel: 05-8080000


  1. Everytime we lunch there, sure meet up with some local celebrities, ahem.... although they are not famous, kiahahaha!

  2. After filling up my stomach, and seeing Steve Yap walked in, I was like electrified. He indeed the best dessert of the day.

  3. Wow... you call that not much variety?!! That considered an awesome spread of buffet liao, since you only need to pay RM16!!!>_<

    In K.L, cheaper will be range from RM30+(weekdays only).;D

    p/s: Such nice gathering, you gonna bring me there if I visited you next time ya!;D

  4. so much good food!! eh..lunch at Trader's means the big cat is not in??? hahahhha

  5. Wow...during working can still slot in lunch time for buffet! I believe your lunch hour is only an hour?

  6. Yvonne, haha ya, thats our fate :P

    Yan, true, wash our eyes :P

    Alice Law, hmm you got a point! RM 16 consider ok already..
    Sure, let me know earlier if you're coming!

    Barbara, bingo you are so smart!! But no prizes won ya :P

    mNhL, hehe yes, our lunch time is only one hour, but SSL is quite near to our working place..

  7. Greetings Hayley.

    I am looking forward to watch "I am number Four". The title looks plain but I'm sure the movie is great. Probably i should surf Youtube tonight to watch the trailer. I am a movie collector. This movie will surely be mine.

    Your male friend must be lucky for having you guys to celebrate his birthday although he's no longer in Toyo. What did he do to you guys that you guys still remember him? You know? my ex-colleagues didn't even bother to sms me for a birthday dinner after i left the company. Huhu...so sad...I'm so jealous of your friend (in red t-shirt)

    For me, the food looks plentiful enough. Very colourful too. Hahaha...again the company must be lucky that you promoted its business (with address too?) Hahaha!

    Ok Hayley, Have a nice day yeah?

  8. The food looks good.. 16rm is very cheap, some more in the hotel too!

  9. Lunch date with ex-col will be fun sometimes. I bumped into Steve Yap a few times. I thought he is in standard model height but I guess he is slightly taller than an average guy!


  10. Willie, yes, I guess guys will like this movie!
    Hehe, my ex colleague is a very friendly guy, nice to chat with and also very helpful! Thats why we remember him ;)
    LOL, yes, I guess SSL Traders should pay me some commission ya? muahaha :D

    reanaclaire, yes, consider cheap liao ^^

    Zooropa, yes! Thats why I thought when I saw him in person!

  11. Reasonably priced. Variety is one thing, food quality is even more important.

    They can have an impressive buffet line but if the food sucks, what is the point.

  12. YT, yea you got a point there! ;)

  13. Wow, RM16 for hotel buffet is considered very good price for that amount of variety!

  14. For the price you paid, the buffet is considered good lor :)

  15. Alice Phua and ChloeRuoyi, yaya, its indeed quite worth it ;)


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