Monday, March 28, 2011

Mission accomplished

Hey folks, how's your weekend? As mentioned I had a mission over the weekend, something which I abandoned for some times, sorry for letting you guessing but actually it's not really a big deal, LOL :D

I sharpened my baking skill once more, ever since the last time which was about 6 months ago =_= Sometimes I think I'm not a good wife/daughter as I rarely cook :P There're times which I really wanna cook/bake something but too bad there's always this lazy bug inside me.. ok enough excuses, now shall we move on? :P

But first, I'd like thank Kristy from My Little Space for guiding me on waterbath method. Thanks again! Not going to elaborate on the steps but you can view it here. I followed the exact same steps.

in the making..

nicely done~

the close up... it was my 1st attempt in cheesecake. Din't really look nice, but tasted not bad! Only thing is, the base wasn't as good as expected (though I thought it's the easiest part)

But no worries, more chances in the future! =)

On a separate note, here's something which cheers me up on a blue Monday....

a letter for me?

not a letter though, it's a pair of cute keychains all the way from Sarawak! Thank you Willie, you're really kind! I'll hang them nicely on my office cubicle ^^


  1. LOL, I'm tempted to bake cheese cake too, it's my favourite cake at anytime!

    Nice keychains from Willie, he is so kind!^-^

  2. wah............i want...with kopi-o kau!

  3. Hey Hayley, thanks for the shout out! I think your cake turned out perfect. The top is so so smooth. Congrats! Btw, did you keep the cake refrigerated overnight before serving? That is very important. Otherwise, the texture will be too soft to be cut especially the base and not nice to be eaten as well.

  4. I knew it..hehe..your mission must be something to do with baking/cooking. I think the cheesecake looks good wor.

  5. I think the cheesecake is very good considered it's the first attempt!


  6. It is so toughtful of Willie. Thanks for the treat. Very yummy.

  7. wow... cheese cake!! look so good~

  8. Knew you would be cooking up something,i was wrong in a way that's not the cooking but baking. Anyway, it is nice that you got to indulge back something you love to do,, good good, now ta pao for me, can or not?

    and isn't it lovely to receive something from our blogger friends, i am a reader of Willie's blog too.

    take care now and now i want Black Forest cake,, can or not can or not can or not ? hahhahahah just kidding

  9. Not bad at all for the 1st time , i hardly bake cheese cake, cos my cheese cake alwasy 'tak jadi' i try this water base before, somehow it didnt turn out as good as urs ....

    Good try ....

  10. The cheesecake really done pretty well! good job hayley!

  11. Well done! Your cheesecake looks perfect and doesn't look like it is baked by an amateur :) I'm also very lazy and unmotivated when it comes to baking cos everything I bake (esp cakes) also tak jadi or not nice haha. Hope to see more of your "missions" in the future:)

  12. Alice Law, its my favourite too!! ^^

    ChrisAu, well thats a good combination!

    Kristy, I did keep it refrigerated after baked but I cut it after few hours =_= Cant wait to taste how is it... LOL :D
    Anyway, thank you once again!!

    Mummy Gwen, haha you're so smart!

    Dora and AngelineBK, thank you!

    Yan, no problem~ Thanks for being my guinea pis :P

    Evelyn, yea~

    Eugene, LOL, next time may be. Wait til I'm really good in it, then I'll belanja you =)

    Anggie's Journal, practice makes perfect! Gambateh~

    ChloeRuoyi, I also hope the lazy bugs in me will go away, so that I can continue to bake something... haha :D

  13. That cheesecake look good to me! Nice try !

  14. Errr...unable to post comment? Geee...I have to rewrite. Ahaks!

  15. Hi Hayley,

    I really thought that it was a big mission...really big...I thought you're going for a scuba dive or something. But baking? is a really big mission because not many people can bake. Hopefully you'll do it often so that you can be a good daughter and wife and soon be a good mother like Alice, who taught her daughter to bake.

    I have to agree that the base looks ugly. But hey! What matter is the taste! I always go for the taste and not the presentation.

    The gift? Thanks for blogging about it. Although I have many readers, I think you are a special reader because you never miss to comment on each of my entry. Not many do that. I guess you are exceptional. Hahaha! Thanks once again yeah?

    Have a nice day.

  16. mNhL, thank you!

    Willie, haha, sorry to disappoint you :P
    Anyway thanks for the comment! I'll try harder and do my best~ Once again thanks for the gift! They are sitting nicely at my office cubicle now =)
    You have a nice day too!

  17. Cheesecake! I love them! Yumzz~~!!!
    Try making those that don't need to bake next time too! What about Oreo Cheese??? :p

  18. Mm yummy looking cheesecake!! Never tried the waterbath technique. I did the 4 ingredients cheesecake and it was yummers :)

  19. I'm not sure what is waterbath technique, but your cheesecake sure is delicious and tasty... thanks for the treat.

    And the Sarawak keychains are cute and unique :)

  20. Shirlexia, yes I'd like to try those which doesnt require baking! Next time!

    Petite Cherie, thank you!

    Yvonne, no problem. Glad that you like the taste =)

  21. *slurps* so yummy. now my tummy is growling :))

  22. Barbara, hehe, I hope you're searching for some food now...

  23. Hey, your cheese cake looks nice! for me, I have never baked before.....paiseh! ^_^ i only sekadar cook lauk-pauk kind.

  24. Alice Phua, thanks! Just tried to sharpen my baking skill to kill time, hehe ^^


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