Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Of miscellaneous on a Tuesday

Just wanna post something to make my blog not so dead :P

Thanks for the previous comments and my dear brother touched down KL (safely) early yesterday morning (Thank GOD!). Radiation screening is there at the airport and he's fine =)

By the way did anyone of you donate/help the Japanese? I did. Though it was only a small amount of money, but imagine if everybody also donate some money, it sure means alot to them. You can visit this website for more infor.

Homecoming (笑着回家) 2011

image from here

Anyway, I've just watched this movie. It was a CNY movie from Singapore back in January. Too bad it was not showing in cinema Taiping so I could only wait for the DvD. Not going to elaborate much, but I can tell you this movie is all about reunion and togetherness within the family members, especially during Chinese New Year.

rate: 3/5

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


  1. i watched that movie during CNY..... very nice. I like it.....
    Glad that your bro was back safely! Yup....hubby plan to donate too.... but yet to do it.

  2. Hey forgot to invite you to join us on the 2nd of April, a few of us gather here in Penang for makan and sing sing,,

    good to hear your bro is back

  3. Haven't got my hand on this movie yet. Err... mind to borrow from you, if it's in dvd??

  4. mNhL, yes, the movie is quite funny also :D

    Eugene, yep I was aware about the event. Thanks for the invitation, but I dont think I can make it... I'm working that day.

    Yvonne, sure no problem~

  5. Thought of buying this movie but I think I had too much Singaporean shows already...give this a miss till it shown on tv. Btw, I watched Solomon Kane, like it!

  6. Have not checked out that movie yet! Should be nice!

  7. ChrisAu, ya I think it'll show on tv some times later...

    Pete, yes quite funny, hehe ;)

  8. Hahaha! Keep it alive yeah? I have been active because I need to finish the TLS report the soonest. Hahaha

    Anyway, I donated some money to the Japs through Buddhist Association. I hope this will ease the burden of the Chinese.

  9. Willie, yea please keep it up, :D
    Oh good for you! Sure people will appreciate our contributions ;)

  10. when arrive this movies in indonesia>..

  11. Have not watched it so far cos I'm still waiting for my hubby to buy this DVD.

  12. trafsilo, hi there! Not sure when, but this movie was already in the cinema 2 months ago...

    Alice Phua, well I think it's available already.. ^^

  13. I always love Singaporean movie, found it rather natural and funny especially with those Hokkien gags! Muahahaha!

    Very kind of you to share the donation website, appreciate that! Have a nice day hayley!

  14. Alice Law, yea, Singaporean movies always make me laugh, haha :D
    No worries, hope you're having a nice day too!

  15. Just got the DVD last nite, as usual had a good laugh watching it. I just loved this type of movie.

  16. Johnnie L, glad that you enjoyed the movie!! ^^


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