Friday, March 4, 2011

The Rippling Blossom

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I'm currently watching this TVB drama, The Rippling Blossom (鱼跃在花见), almost to the end now.

What really draw my attention to watch this is because of the venue of the shooting, the beautiful Hokkaido!! And of course, one of my favourite food, sushi!!
Well, there're actually more reasons =) I like Chi Lam's (张智霖) dramas. He may not be very good/professional in acting but it's his looks which never make me bored, LOL :D Don't you think he looks the same throughout these years? He still looks very young!

Apart from these, I like Tavia Yeung (扬怡) and Myolie Wu (胡杏儿) hairstyle/makeup/fashion in the drama! I think short hair is the trend now and I always wanted to try having short hair like them (but no guts =_=)

I'm eager to know the ending~ Can't wait for the last episode!! ^^


  1. I finished the last episod just now from AOD! I miss japan too. Especially hokkaido.

  2. I'm watching "Only You", haven't start this yet :-)


  3. I am also watching this on AOD. Like Tavia a lot, she is super pretty :)

  4. a loving husband too?? I mean.. in real life :) lucky Anita Yuen

  5. I still stuck at episode 2. Too busy to catch a drama recently, but Myolie inspired me to perm my short hair. Not exactly the same, but I like the change of my hair style.

  6. It's been a while I last watch TVB dramas....I better catch up with their fashion and style now.

  7. AngelineBK, hehe, we dint subsribe AOD as most things are available thru the internet these days, save money, wakakaka :D
    I miss Japan too!

    Zooropa, oh how is that drama? I plan to watch that too!

    YT, yes, she looks good even with short hair!

    thule, hehe I bet so! ;)

    Yan, well you have almost similar hairstyle now ^^

    Yvonne, hehe ya, you can google for the images....

  8. Wah, these dramas very additive one lorr!

  9. Pete,ya agree,will watch non stop,haha!

  10. errr...long long time never watch tvb dramas... :(

  11. Hi Hayley, you sure know your TV actors. Regret for us we don't get to see these movies here.
    We do have a Chinese TV channel, 24 hours, but strictly HK or China movies, but never heard of this one.
    Have fun......and yes, good looking fellows.

  12. I'm watching the final episode~! Whee~~~!!!

  13. ChrisAu, well then you should watch one.. :P

    Lee, oh, thats too bad... Some chinese movies/dramas are quite nice too!

    Shirlexia, me finished watching, the ending is expected, LOL :D

  14. Aiyor, I used to be a die hard fan of Chee Lam(he is so handsome and his acting is darn natural and attractive)!

    I wish I could down load this from internet, but again I don't really have much spare time for it... if I did, I have to abandon my blog for a long period of time!>_<

  15. Alice Law, understand, especially if you have 2 kids need to take care of...
    Hmm, may be you can get the set of DVD and watch it whenever you're free... hehe ;)

  16. No lar, I won't sacrifice time with my kids, but blogging time instead. Since I have watched the 1st 2 episodes online last night, you could expect no post from My Little Sprouts today, muahahaha!

    You take care and have a great day!=)

  17. Alice Law, haha good good! I think you love the drama already ^^
    But dont 'abandon' your blog for too long also ya :P


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