Friday, March 25, 2011

Signing off for now

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up naturally in the morning (without the alarm clock), haha. Was on first half day leave this morning and I only worked for 4 hours, and now welcoming the weekend! :D
(How I wish everyday is like this :P)

Anyway, I have a mission this weekend which I've abandoned for quite some times. Hopefully I manage to complete it and share with you next week!

Til then, please have a safe weekend and enjoy yourself!!


  1. awaiting for your share..
    have a nice weekend! ;)

  2. Wah, what mission ah? Hope not like "Latuk T" mission ah! ha ha ha

  3. As for me, I took half day off afternoon, went for massage, came back like zombie, slept for 2 hours like a pig. Wake up now, like zombie again. I wonder why I am so tired recently.

  4. Ms Hayley
    Strange things happen. After reading Uncle Lee's Punctuality entry and going thru the comments, the 4 month old guy I was carrying got excited and I accidentally hit a button. Then you and Taiping appeared. Just a while ago we 4 senior citizens, from Singapore, were discussing our forthcoming trip to Taiping on 8,9 Apr. None of us ever been there thus a lot of googling was required. Hoping you and hubby can point us to some good makan places while we are there. Thanks.

    PS Pls do not post this.

  5. Wah...suspense lah..hehe. Hope your mission accomplished this weekend. :)

  6. Hi Hayley, go have fun with whatever your plans are.
    And stay beautiful.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Social work? Congratulation! Have fun and enjoy ya!^-^

    Happy weekend!

  8. Evelyn, ok thanks.. will update in my blog~

    Pete, haha actually not very big deal la, but something I enjoy doing..
    And definetely not Latuk T, hahah :D

    Yan, it must be post-travel-syndrome :P Make sure to rest enough today and tomorrow!

    Ronnie, thanks for dropping by and mailed ya ;)

    Mummy Gwen, yep accomplished ;)

    Lee, thanks and same to you!!

    Alice Law, not social work... hehe ^^

  9. wow..on a secret mission?? enjoy yourself!!

  10. reanaclaire, haha actually nothing very serious la.. :P

  11. waiting anxiously & curiously for the update hehehe... :-)


  12. Dora, hehe okok, please stay tuned ;)


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