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They'll pay for what they did

I'm sure you know a few videos which have been circulating at Facebook/Youtube, of brainless people abusing/hitting/killing pets like dogs, cats and rabbits.
Seems like this hobby is getting more and more popular and some people just won't care and want to be famous through this way. I myself as pets lover dare not watch the video until the end, I'm just speechless of why some people can be so cold blooded and cruel!! Those pets dint harm them at all but still.... =_=

All I can say is, 人在做,天在看 (God is watching whatever we do), I believe there's karma in life. May those cold blooded people be treated the same way in their next life.


  1. I confess I'm not an animal-lover, but I don't support cruelty, too. Hope they rot in Hell...

  2. It is always not right to torture living creature, be it human or animal. This is taught in Moral subject wert! Somehow some people in this planet has gone sick. Too bad and very bad.

  3. You are right, everything is about karma! They have to pay for what they have done, pissed on them!

    Btw, wishing you a great weekend!

  4. Your title post scares me at a glance,,hahahah,, i agree bad bad and crazy people are lurking

  5. You'r RIGHT!人在做,天在看! 他们一定会有报应的。。。*angry*

  6. Yvonne, yes, even if one doesnt like pets, it doesnt mean he/she can torture them like that!!

    Yan, ya, some people 心理不平衡, do all kind of crazy things...

    Alice Law, thank you and wishing you a great weekend too!

    Eugene, I really hope they'll pay for what they did...

    Evelyn, 就是啊!这个社会真的有很多变态人!

  7. I dare not watch this kind of video. I think these people are mentally disturbed or something.

  8. Same here, I also dare not watch the video =_=
    I think these people need helps seriously.

  9. Although I'm not an animal lover, I still find those actions sickening! I don't even bother watching those crazy videos...

  10. ChloeRuoyi, I understand, I just dont know why some people can be so cruel towards living things... >=(

  11. This is a very disturbing trend. Too many crazy/sick people in the society now :(

  12. Barbara, yes agree. Dont know what to do with these people...


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