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To use or not?

A friend of mine, Jackie, actually gave us a bottle of this some times ago.... It has been sitting nicely on my book rack for few weeks already, sealed. Until one day when I was spring cleaning, I (suddenly) recall about it. According to Jackie, this is something like 火山泥 (lahar in English?) he got during his recent trip to some mountain at Sabah. And can be used as mud mask, no kidding.

Now the question is, is this safe enough to be applied on our bare face? As a person who cares very much about her skin, I really don't have the confident to use... Any idea?

Hmmm, perhaps I can ask hubby to be my guinea pig, muahahahaha :D


  1. Yeah! That's an awesome idea, prepare to be guinea pig Hayley's lou gong! Muahahah!

    I think it's good enough to smoothen our hands!;D

  2. Wah, poor hubby have to be guinea pig....nanti 2moro wake up look like MJ then you know! ha ha ha!

  3. Use on the face ah...mmm..not a good idea.

  4. Hi Haley,

    it's lava from the volcano? well not use anything you have doubt especially on your lovely face.
    I think there are also pendant made from these lava ,which they claim have special properties. I have seen one of my friend wearing it.I doubt it if they really work. you will be surprise, people will try just anything and as long there are such people, the business people will capitalised on this.

  5. err...i won't dare to use it on my face though. yeah, try it on your hubby and see how...kekeekekek. please update us :P

  6. Perhaps use it on your hand? Our face is very delicate and when in doubt, don't apply on it.

    Try it on your hubby - coz men's skin is thicker, lol!

  7. Don't use your darling as the guinea pig lar, poor fellar ;) Maybe you should test it out first and apply a bit on the less sensitive parts like your foot or leg? If still doubtful, better not use at all hehe. Just keep as a souvenir :)

  8. This seems like a natural product. Natural means good ma! Go ahead and test it on your husband, kakakaka! Perhaps on your neck, hands or legs next.

  9. Alice Law, haha you also agree ho? :P

    Pete, haha, wont be that 'kua cheong' la!

    Mummy Gwen, I'm planning to use on hands/legs.. as suggested by most of you..

    Johnnie L, I'm not sure is this consider lava? My friend did not mentioned properly...
    Yes agree, as long as there're such people, there'll be business..

    Barbara, LOL.. I'll update you all, dont worry!

    Yvonne and ChloeRuoyi, yes, will try it on my hands. At least wont waste ma!

    Yan, but I'm not sure whether this suits our skin or not, though its natural..

  10. Hi Hayley, my opinion, I wouldn't. Especially as there's no instructions whatever on the bottle.

    Hey, not easy to catch you, huh! April 1st!
    I have released yours and several others comments....I had to hold back at my Immigration, Customs, ha ha.
    If released earlier the cat would be out of the bag.

    Took me 1 week to plan this out.
    Getting tough to catch you, my friends April 1st! Ha ha.
    Sure got some hilarious comments, "not to give iced coffee, but breastfeed first", ha ha ha.

  11. Hi Hayley,

    It's a wise decision to let your hubby try it first. Hahahaha! What if he turns into a handsome prince? and other girls will chase for him? Hahahah!

    I have not been to Mount KInabalu yet, but I'm surprised they sell that. It has no label. Was it approved by KKM (Ministry of Health)?'s a soil right? Aren't you afraid of germs? I hope it's clean... But look at this way: Your friend is actually being thoughtful. He or she remembers you eventhough he/she was on a mountain. Cool...huh?

    Ok Hayley, you have a nice day and good luck to your hubby.

  12. Lee, you got me at 1st... But after I shared your post with Yan and Yvonne, then only I realised it was an April Fool joke... =(

    Alice Law, LOL :P

    ChrisAu, I doubted too, but to not waste my friend's effort, I actually applied it on my hand/feet, hehe :P

    Willie, haha, I don't think that'd be the results of using the mud mask :P
    Anyway, yes, I think it's some sort of soil...

  13. I haven't tried this before even i am in Sabah. But I have heard about it and saw photos of my friends covering themselves with the larva at one of the tourist spot here. If it is good, it would be selling like hot cakes already lo..:D


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