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Just so coincident?!

Usually, I set my alarm clock to ring at about 7.05am and it only ring for once, whereas hubby uses his handphone as alarm clock and ring at about 7am, and repeat every 10 mins.

This has become a routine and I'll never forget to turn on my alarm clock every night before retired to bed. But it's not the same for hubby, sometimes he'd forget =_= So once again, he forgotten to turn it on last night....
And guess what? Both of us were nearly late to work this morning. Anyway, thanks to my 'body human alarm clock', at least I woke up at 7.35am. Haha :D I then checked my alarm clock, it stopped at 3.30 T_____T Obviously the battery was flat...

Hubby forgot to set his alarm, and my alarm's battery went flat at the same time, I guess sometimes things just happen so coincidentally....

Happy long weekend!

The long awaited holiday is here! Such a great news for working people like me! =D

I've no specific planning yet, perhaps just go for some food hunting nearby, and catch the latest Fast & Furious 5 movie!

What about you?

Whatever you're doing, please take care and have fun! So put on your sunnies and enjoy the sun~ LOL!

Nick names

I'm sure many of us have nick names when we're younger, or even until today...

As far as I can remember, my mum used to call me 'chao mei'(pronounce in Hokkien, as 臭美) when I was a kid. Not because I smell nasty but I really dont know why she called me this, LOL. All I know is that this nick name sounds very bad and 'ugly'.

As for my brother, he calls me 'fatty' since I was younger even until today, even though I am not as chubby as before (during schooling time), even though I'm someone's wife now.. =_=
The reason is, I was really chubby when I was a kid, especially during primary schooling time. This name doesn't sound nice for a girl, but I actually used to it already.. LOL.

And when I was in University, my coursemates used to call me 'ah york', simply because that's my middle name. They will call out loud when they see me from far... =_=" But I actually quite like this one cause it sounds like egg yolk, hahaha :D

What about y…

Here's something about me

I read this one through Barbara's blog and found out that it's actually fun to do and read!
Do read on to know more about me... ^^

Making : more time to do my favourite things.
Cooking : is something I wish to do, when I have the time.
Drinking : enough water daily.
Reading : make up and fashion blogs to keep myself updated.
Wanting : to spend more time with my parents.
Looking : forwards to the days when I can go travelling again.
Playing : Angry Birds on my phone, and stuck at level 15 =(.
Wishing : for health for the people I loved.
Enjoying : yoga and light jog every week.
Waiting : for a miracle to happen.
Liking : sushi and Japanese food.
Wondering : how do people eat so much yet staying so slim.
Loving : my new phone.
Hoping : for a more stress-free life.
Marveling : at nice and beautiful bungalow houses through magazines.
Needing : a full body massage.
Smelling : the Nivea lotion I applied on my hands.
Wearing : tee and short pant.
Following : blogs I like.
Noticing : my frizzy hair and fr…


Just wanna share with you, one of my favourite Japanese snack. I discovered this yummy snack during a Japanese food fair at one of the local shopping mall, few months ago. Last week, I went to Daiso at QB mall, and I found it again! =)

Tohato Caramel Corn <3

can't read the information, but who cares? :P

yummy crunchy snacks! (I'm aware of the calories though, haha)

Have you try this snack before?

Orange cafe

Hubby belanja the newly wed couple a simple dinner last night at Orange cafe, situated at Kamalodge chalet. It was my 1st time visit there, trying their western food.

Not many people know about this chalet, situated near the foot of the famous Maxwell Hill, Taiping. It's equipped with standard facilities and swimming pools, surrounded by some woods, a very relaxing and nice place to stay at. If you are planning to visit Taiping, may give it a try =)

hubby and I

Pei and Boon, it was Pei's birthday yesterday

yours truly with the birthday gal

the food we ordered are Kamalodge fried rice (which hubby said it was so so only), carbonara fish and sizzling chicken chop

Total bill is RM64 (with no service tax) inclusive of 4 drinks (which is abit pricey I'd say). As for the taste, they're still acceptable ^^ Of course besides western food, they serve some other local varieties and snacks as well.

Kamalodge Chalet and Cafe

No. 7, Lot 4584, Jalan Bukit Larut, 34000 Taiping, Perak

A short meeting

It was a Friday night, a day most of us love cause weekend is just around the corner!
I met up with my best buddy, Crystal and Annie, at one of the cafe called Kapitan kopitiam.

Crystal (in pink) is currently working at Singapore, whereas Annie (in white) is working at Taiping, somewhere 5 mins away from my working place, LOL

a group photo. It was a short meeting but at least we got the chance to catch up with each other. The next meeting, hopefully it's next month, all the way down South to JB! ;)

Despite the busy working life and distance, we try our best to keep in touch thru FB, MSN, and phone. Hey, friends are forever and we should always keep in touch! Agree? =) Do you still keep in touch with your school mates?

Here wishing you all a great weekend ahead!!

How we celebrated Sultan's birthday

As planned, we went for a day trip at Penang island during this one day public holiday. Window shopped at the new 1st Avenue (alot of shops are still vacant), then off to QB mall (somehow I still prefer QB mall) and shopped some Japanese food at Daiso. That's all.

here's our purpose of the trip, Tao Cuisine at Auto City

some of the Black Dog Society (BDS) members

hubby and I

posing with the tako yaki, looks yummy but taste so so only

us the ladies

some of the food we ordered

din't manage to find my favourite Miso Yaki in the menu =(

luckily the cheese scallops and abalone are still available!

the chicken soup is heavenly good!

groupie~ total 17 of us

with hubb again

other couples

and more couples ^^

we spent about 2 hours there, very full and satisfied~

Walked around at the night market nearby and end up, din't shop anything =_= Instead, we stopped at Swensen's next =)

Swensen's time! (I can't say no to ice cream though I'm still full =p)

Be alert....

My buddy Annie was supposed to meet me at a cafe on Monday night, with her hubby along. But we waited long enough and they didn't show up, not even a call/sms. Her sister called me in the end and informed me that she lost her purse at a petrol station!

We guessed they must be at the police station so we made our way there around 11pm and true, they were there. Annie said the snatcher must have followed them all the way from the bank (she was at one of the bank at town earlier on) to the petrol station and when the husband went down to pump petrol, the fella opened the door and grabbed her purse which she actually sat on!! Everything happened so fast she couldn't even manage to record the car plat number.

Sigh, what happened to the society these days? I'm asking all of you especially the ladies (and myself) to be extra careful with your hangbag/purse whenever you go. It doesn't matter if your partner is with you cause if those people want your money, they'll find a w…

Counting down to the holiday

Good day people! Weekend is over, and Monday is here. Anyway I'm happy today as tomorrow's a public holiday for us here in Perak!! Am heading North for some shopping and makan makan session =)

And when I'm back to work, it's already mid week, isn't it great? :P

On a softer note, here's little something a friend got for me, all the way from Korea.
a lovely souvenir...
which can be used as letter opener,
as bookmark,
and as hair stick

Thanks Theng!

Gotto get back to my unsettled works, wishing you guys a great Monday!

Looking forward..

Hai! Thanks for the warm thoughts you left in my previous post, sometimes I still feel the pressure, but I try my best to overcome it. And yes I agree with Yvonne, life is too short to be wasted on work issues alone. I should think positively~

I am working half day today and its about 30 mins to go before I leave the office. The office is very quiet as there are only 5 of us here, but I like it as it's really peaceful, no user calls/no non-stop follow up. So I plug in my earphone, listen to and eat as I like =) Well, at least life is great at the moment, LOL.

Enough ranting and I can't wait to start my weekend already.
See you on Monday!

image source

I'm surprised!

I went consulted a chinese tabib and was surprised by what he said about my health. You know, I'm so stressed up lately because of works. The chinese tabib read my pulse, measured my blood pressure, put a 'clip' on my index finger and point a device at both of my ears. He then told me about my health issue right away.

Believe it or not, majority of the things he said are TRUE! He said I get anxious/worry easily, and that I got alot to think about. He said I have trouble in sleeping, and pressure and everything resulting in very weak body and stiff neck. Given me 3 types of chinese herb medicines and asked me to go back again after a week.

Seriously, is there a class/course called 'de-stressing'?

Whatever it is, I hope to have a relaxing weekend, and looking forward to the holiday next Tuesday~ Wishing you folks an awesome weekend too!

Paying more patience

image take from here

I am keeping my hair to do something like this =)

Nice? (But hard to maintain though =_=)

The Ghost must be crazy (鬼也笑) 2011

Note: Thanks guys for the concern in my previous post. I'm alright now =)

image taken from here

Starring: Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Dennis Chew, John Cheng, Wang Lei

Another comedy ghost movie from Singapore and the movie is divided into 2 parts, and I have to say, I prefer the 1st story as it is scarier and funnier (I had a good laugh ^^). Nothing much to elaborate on the whole movie so I'll leave it to you, :D

Just like the usual Sg movies, this one comes with a moral at the end, something like
(direct translation: If you chose to hold the devil's hand, the greater price you'll have to pay)

Rate: 3/5

Chilling out with colleagues

One of my colleague from Finance department, Amy, invited us to her new house the other day for some makan makan session. This is not really a house warming party thus she din't invite too many people. Here are some the food we had that night....
whole table full with food!
my favourite are this agar agar, vegetarian fried bihun and pizza =)

all of us! thanks to the camera man ^^

with the super fair girl, Khor

this is Amy (sitting with black shirt in front) son's room. seriously big enough for a small boy like him

here's the cheeky cute girl, Wan's daughter

managed to capture some of her house interior. the bungalow house is big and modern! my favourite part is her kitchen ^^

more photos of us (that's Wan in pink stripes shirt)

she looks just like her mummy....

lastly, another group photo. after the super duper filling dinner, we helped to clean up the table before leaving. It's good if we could organize more gatherings like this after work, to release tension a…

It happens to me...

I don't have a favourite brand of shoes, but I'd prefer either Nose or Charles & Keith. Anyway, this post is to share with you what I encounter with Vincci shoes. After about 2-3 months of wearing, the bottom of heel became like this....

 The 'nail' inside the heel can be seen and when I walk, it create a very sharp and irritating noise =_=
So far, there're about 3 pairs of Vincci shoes having this problem. I know the rest of the shoes will eventually become like this but I guess the time span is slightly longer. Do you ladies encounter this?

Stress please go away

As an employee, stress and pressure have become my 'friends'. Like it or not, I gotto deal with it.
What will you do when you're feeling stress?

Here's what I personally do:
1. Talk to a friend
2. Update my status in Facebook, and reading incoming comments =)
3. Rant it out at my blog (like what I'm doing now)
4. Listening to some RnB music and turn it on loud
5. Painting my nails
6. Sweat, through yoga/jogging or doing house chores
7. Eat
8. Retail therapy. Be it shopping or window shopping ^^
9. To be alone for a moment, deep inhale and exhale (Sometimes, I find this method works the best)

Any tips to share with me?
image taken here

Cakes not enough

Despite the recent fattening cheesecakes I had, I still wish to have more :P
Asked a friend of mine who is working at Singapore to buy me the Rich & Good swiss rolls and delivered directly to me.

I insist to pay, but she didn't want the money =_=
 This time, I tried the green tea flavor (left) and the kaya ones (right). As expected, heavenly good~~

Thank you Evelyn for the yummy treat! Love it!! =)

Rich & Good Cake Shop 24 Kandahar Street Singapore 198887. Tel: 62943324
 And in case if you miss me...