Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be alert....

My buddy Annie was supposed to meet me at a cafe on Monday night, with her hubby along. But we waited long enough and they didn't show up, not even a call/sms. Her sister called me in the end and informed me that she lost her purse at a petrol station!

We guessed they must be at the police station so we made our way there around 11pm and true, they were there. Annie said the snatcher must have followed them all the way from the bank (she was at one of the bank at town earlier on) to the petrol station and when the husband went down to pump petrol, the fella opened the door and grabbed her purse which she actually sat on!! Everything happened so fast she couldn't even manage to record the car plat number.

Sigh, what happened to the society these days? I'm asking all of you especially the ladies (and myself) to be extra careful with your hangbag/purse whenever you go. It doesn't matter if your partner is with you cause if those people want your money, they'll find a way to get it anyway.

The next day, a kind hearted lady found the purse somewhere in the town area and called up Annie. Well, she lost some money, but at least all her important documents are still there.


  1. ladies,we know that they are monkeys lurking but then again there are measures we can take,,,such as

    always walk again the traffic flow and with your sling back facing the side of the road.

    lock the door as soon as you get it, don't have to wait the auto one

    everytime when finish the bank errands make sure you are alert that no one keeps following you.

    many many more lah, just be careful ya

  2. Sorry for your friend and thanks for the alert!:)

  3. Have to be extra careful nowadays. Crime rate is getting worse! Heard so many cases liao!

  4. Damn those snatchers! Hope they will fall down a stairs or something... :D At least Annie got her purse back with all the important documents inside...

  5. This incident is terrifying, Luckily the snatch thief only grabbed her purse and left her untouched. Imagine if she were held at knife-point.

    Thanks for sharing. I'll share it with my family and to be more alert.

  6. Yah, nowsday people just so ... "crazy" .. really need to be alert all the time especially we r out from the bank , That y i hardly go ATM/bank...
    But glad she found her purse back, at least she still had her IC, CC and so on ... & most important, ur fren was un-hurt . take k

  7. I heard a lot of these stories from my mum and I'm always worry about their safety in Taiping...
    'Taiping' is supposed to be safe! Sigh...

  8. Thanks for sharing this story of your friend and thanks for the reminder. Yes, we have to be alert all the time.

  9. This is really an eye opener. I will make sure to be more alert next time. This is scary.

    Luckily your friend recovered all her important docs.

  10. i really hate those snatch thieves!!! the next thing i really want to happen on them is that they are run over by cars while trying to escape!! that's their karma..

  11. All they want is only money. Some even harm you. That's terrible.

  12. Eugene, thanks for sharing the tips! I strongly agree with this one, lock the door immediately once we get in the car.

    Alice Law, Pete, Armstrong, Yan, you're welcome! Let's be alert all the time!

    Yvonne, Anggie, Mummy Gwen, yes she's consider lucky indeed.

    Shirlexia, no where is safe these days... =_=

    SK, agree. It's not that we like to curse people, but those people really left us no choice...

    mNhL, agree. Some even scarier!

  13. Yeah, it happened all the time! So, I seldom bring along my purse or bags when I go out unless I travel far. I stopped wearing gold bracelet or necklace since a couple years back after my 10 year old boy asked me to do so. He's now 14! It's better to be humble than showing off everything. Take care & have a lovely evening.


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