Friday, April 8, 2011

Chilling out with colleagues

One of my colleague from Finance department, Amy, invited us to her new house the other day for some makan makan session. This is not really a house warming party thus she din't invite too many people. Here are some the food we had that night....
whole table full with food!
my favourite are this agar agar, vegetarian fried bihun and pizza =)

all of us! thanks to the camera man ^^

with the super fair girl, Khor

this is Amy (sitting with black shirt in front) son's room. seriously big enough for a small boy like him

here's the cheeky cute girl, Wan's daughter

managed to capture some of her house interior. the bungalow house is big and modern! my favourite part is her kitchen ^^

more photos of us (that's Wan in pink stripes shirt)

she looks just like her mummy....

lastly, another group photo. after the super duper filling dinner, we helped to clean up the table before leaving. It's good if we could organize more gatherings like this after work, to release tension as well as sharing, chit chatting and laughing!

Here wishing you all, a great weekend!


  1. Wow, the house is BIG!!! I love the kitchen too! It's awesome!^^

  2. Nice house, great company and yummy food :) I also like the kitchen... esp the big fridge!

  3. Hi Hayley, very nice pics. Well taken too. And I enjoyed looking thru seeing Malaysian SYTs, food, and homes after being away many years.
    Thats a very nice house your friend has, very neat too.
    And great looking kid.
    And Hayley, you sure look real cool too.
    Have a great weekend. Lee.

  4. Big cosy house and yummy yummy food, all make your gathering fun and happy.

  5. Love the design - simple and comfy! The boy is sure mummy's precious and such a huge room he has *envious*

    Wan's daughter is very cute indeed.

  6. omg, the food is making me soooooo hungry~ Glad u had a great time & u look fresh and pretty!

  7. I love this nice house and the yummy foods as well! I like this kind makan makan gathering ^^

  8. nice gathering there and you look gorgeous! U lost weight, btw? haha....

  9. nice to have such gathering. New house very nice 'new' smell. haha

  10. Erika and ChloeRuoyi, yea high 5!

    Lee, thanks and you have a nice day!

    Yan and Yvonne, her house is simple,comfy and modern.. Really nice!

    dblchin, thanks babe!

    Evelyn, yes, a fun gathering must have food, haha :D

    ChrisAu, nop, I weight the same, LOL :P

    mNhL, haha correct, surely got new smell ^^

  11. much food and the house is so beautiful. :)

  12. oh what a beautiful house. so much space :D

  13. Mummy Gwen and Barbara, yea, very spacious! A very nice place for the kids to run around, haha :D


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