Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ghost must be crazy (鬼也笑) 2011

Note: Thanks guys for the concern in my previous post. I'm alright now =)

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Starring: Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Dennis Chew, John Cheng, Wang Lei

Another comedy ghost movie from Singapore and the movie is divided into 2 parts, and I have to say, I prefer the 1st story as it is scarier and funnier (I had a good laugh ^^). Nothing much to elaborate on the whole movie so I'll leave it to you, :D

Just like the usual Sg movies, this one comes with a moral at the end, something like


(direct translation: If you chose to hold the devil's hand, the greater price you'll have to pay)

Rate: 3/5


  1. I will wait for the dvd... sounds funny! :D

  2. Mmmm, this dvd should be fun to watch!

  3. Tempted to watch, but cannot let my girl see it.... She'll be paranoid about ghosts.

  4. It seems a nice movie. May be I should plan a day off and watch it with my husband only. No kid allow for ghost movie.

  5. consider to buy dvd, never go cinema for this kind of movie but I think it's hilarious & good for weekend :-)


  6. ChrisAu and Pete, yes, hope you guys enjoy it!

    Yvonne and Yan, yep, not suitable for kids, so you have to watch with your spouse :P

    Zooropa, yea, its hilarous, especially the part 1 ^_*

  7. Hayley, sorry I din get any Longchamp for u. I didn't shop much during the honeymoon cos we spend a lot of time going different places. Sorry!

  8. YT, welcome back!!
    No worries dear, it's alright!! ^^

  9. Hi Hayley, you really a movie fan....
    I guess these movies will not be screened here....
    Maybe on our Chinese TV channel one day.
    We have a 24 hour Chinese wife watches it, those weepy serials, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  10. Hi Lee, yes, you know there's not much entertainment here at my hometown, so most of the times we chose to watch a movie at the cinema, going for a karaoke session, or simply meeting up friends for some tea session ^^
    You take care!

  11. Hahah! I thought it's the movie I watched before entitled "God Must Be Crazy".

  12. Willie, their title sounds almost alike~

  13. Thanks for sharing about this now that I know it's a Singaporean movie acted by those few popular and famous Singaporean actors/actresses! Just recently, I was glancing at the cinema ad in newspaper to see which movie to choose becos I was thinking of making use of my Citibank credit card's buy 1 free 1 movie ticket privilege. And I remember seeing this title in the ad, but just did not prick my interest simply becos I didn't know it's a Singaporean movie. Now I know....hehehehe....

  14. Alice Phua, so have you watch this? Nice? =)

  15. Yeah note that last part as well - though not sure if it referred to real devil or the human devil LOL

    Just noted your blog with it's simple messages & postings (kinda like mine) LOL

    Awrite lastly nice wedding picture there :D

  16. Robinson, thanks for the comment!!


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