Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here's something about me

I read this one through Barbara's blog and found out that it's actually fun to do and read!
Do read on to know more about me... ^^

Making : more time to do my favourite things.
Cooking : is something I wish to do, when I have the time.
Drinking : enough water daily.
Reading : make up and fashion blogs to keep myself updated.
Wanting : to spend more time with my parents.
Looking : forwards to the days when I can go travelling again.
Playing : Angry Birds on my phone, and stuck at level 15 =(.
Wishing : for health for the people I loved.
Enjoying : yoga and light jog every week.
Waiting : for a miracle to happen.
Liking : sushi and Japanese food.
Wondering : how do people eat so much yet staying so slim.
Loving : my new phone.
Hoping : for a more stress-free life.
Marveling : at nice and beautiful bungalow houses through magazines.
Needing : a full body massage.
Smelling : the Nivea lotion I applied on my hands.
Wearing : tee and short pant.
Following : blogs I like.
Noticing : my frizzy hair and fringe, its time to visit the hair salon.
Learning : to become a better person.
Thinking : on going Bali.
Bookmarking : my working Saturday on the calendar.
Giggling : when hearing some kids funny conversation.
Feeling : reluctant to come to the office every morning.

Haha, thanks for reading! You can blog about it too!! Looking forward to read yours!


  1. Is this a tagging game? Looks interesting... wow, you are going to Bali, wishing you a lovely trip ya!^^

  2. Haha u've done urs! Great! Angry birds quite a hot game these days!I'm playing it too! I've done my just now! When I was writing half way,I saw Yan finished and posted it! It is something great to jot down lil notes about ourself! Nite babe!

  3. hehehe....i do it some other time!

  4. Nice one hayley i think i know abit more about you already.

  5. Ha ha ha, reluctant to fo to office....I tell your boss ah?

  6. Ha, guess i am getting to know you better now,,, ok why people eat and can never get fat,,,,,no worries,it is genetic one lah..if you have it you have it, if you don't just work on it..ya

    trying to be a better person? it always starts with a good heart and i think you have got one.

    Feeling : reluctant to come to the office every morning,, hey that's not so good,,, may be change your mindset towards work, or make good of your co-workers, enjoy them,,

    Needing : a full massage, don't wait, just go for it this weekend ya cos it is going to be long one

    Hoping : for a more stress free life,, easy,, just pray and pray

  7. Hehehe.... It's hard to think and yet very fun to do, eh?

  8. lol at Pete's comment, but I also agree with your feeling.
    I can tell that Barb is talking more about vacation, Angeline is more about baby, you are more about stress and I am more about sleep. Very interesting tag, as we reveal ourselves so true and so much.

  9. hhehe..thanks for doing this. now i know more about you :P hey, waiting for a miracle to happen? is that the pitter patter of little feet?

  10. Now I know more about you. :) I like reading make up and fashion blogs too. ^_^ Hope your holiday to Bali will materialize soon.

  11. Alice, it's only planning, not confirm yet =(

    Angeline, haha, its an interesting game to kill the time, right!

    ChrisAu, ok, looking forward to read yours!

    Johnnie and Evelyn, yea ^^

    Pete, akakakak, ok go ahead! =p

    Eugene, thanks for the comment!

    Yvonne, yes, its like building sentences...

    Yan, ya I notice that too!

    Barbara, yes I'm waiting for a miracle to happen.. LOL :P

    Mummy Gwen, thanks ya!

  12. I am feeling the same way too..reluctant to come to the office every morning, but then again, my rice bowl is here to earn so terpaksa come lo..

  13. Hi Hayley,

    Looks like fun especially bloggers used to play tags before.

    With reference to your statement, I would say....:

    Thanks for following my blog and I hope your thoughts of going to Bali will come true.

  14. Agnes, haha high 5! I have the same concern as you..

    Willie, yes tag can be fun! =)
    You're most welcome! Thanks for following me too!

  15. I also just got a new phone but I'm not loving it yet cos I dunno how to use it! Got Angry Birds also dunno how to play *paiseh* I think Chloe is more pro than me and I'm gonna ask her lots of questions haha ;)

  16. ChloeRuoyi, LOL.. But no worry, it's easy to learn and play, and quite addictive :P

  17. I'm also always waiting for miracle. haha....

  18. mNhL, oh really? Let's pray hard, hehehe :D


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