Thursday, April 21, 2011

How we celebrated Sultan's birthday

As planned, we went for a day trip at Penang island during this one day public holiday. Window shopped at the new 1st Avenue (alot of shops are still vacant), then off to QB mall (somehow I still prefer QB mall) and shopped some Japanese food at Daiso. That's all.

here's our purpose of the trip, Tao Cuisine at Auto City

some of the Black Dog Society (BDS) members

hubby and I

posing with the tako yaki, looks yummy but taste so so only

us the ladies

some of the food we ordered

din't manage to find my favourite Miso Yaki in the menu =(

luckily the cheese scallops and abalone are still available!

the chicken soup is heavenly good!

groupie~ total 17 of us

with hubb again

other couples

and more couples ^^

we spent about 2 hours there, very full and satisfied~

Walked around at the night market nearby and end up, din't shop anything =_= Instead, we stopped at Swensen's next =)

Swensen's time! (I can't say no to ice cream though I'm still full =p)


  1. I can see you have a good time Hayley.

  2. I can't say no to ice-cream too! It completes a good meal :)

  3. Another jalan jalan cari makan trip with your BDS gang. All the food looks so good that now my tummy is rumbling. Gotta go and make myself a bowl of instant noodles. Hahaha..

  4. What a great way to celebrate with Japanese food, looking at the spread of Jap cuisine really make me crave for some Jap food this weekend!^^

  5. Hahah! Thanks to the Sultan that you are able to spend quality time with hibby and friend's. Over here in Sarawak, we don't celebrate Sultan's birthday because we don't have a Sultan. But we celebrate "TYT's" birthday. TYT means, Tuan Yang Terutama. He is the Gabenl...don't or of Sarawak. The highest ranking officer in Sarawak.

    Only Window Shopping? Poor you...but then, you guys ate a lot. Hahaha! Be careful, don't put on weight yeah?

    Have a nice day!

  6. Great and fun outing..u guys look so happy!

  7. Good food, and great outing to release your tension at work.

  8. Now you make me missing TAO's food.

  9. This time gai liao, i from Penang and i don't even know where Daiso is ,, gai liao,,,, pai seh pai seh lah..

    see those pics, happy to see that bunch of friends were enjoying good times

    have a great weekend ya

  10. Johnnie L, yes I had~

    ChloeRuoyi, haha high 5!

    InspiredMomx1, haha so I guess you had your bowl of instant noodles lo?

    Alice Law, I'm sure you can find more varieties at KL...

    Willie, yes, I forgot to thank Sultan for giving us the holiday, LOL :D
    Oh please, dont remind me about the weight thing :P

    Angeline, yea, a fun day trip!

    Yan, agree. At least I had fun and din't think about work.

    Yvonne, haha jom plan for a trip!

    Eugene, LOL :D
    Now let me tell you, its in QB mall, opposite Maybank office :P
    You too have a nice weekend!

  11. trip are normally very tiring. But glad that u had fun!

  12. mNhL, yes but since Penang is quite near, so wasn't a big problem~ =)

  13. gosh the food look delicious. i shouldn't be looking at them right now coz i'm only having salad..uwawawawawawaawa

  14. Nice gang you have there.....all ride bike bikes to Penang? LOL!

  15. the food look good. Never been to Penang, it's a long flight from Sabah anyway :d, will have to check on any cheap flight or not if I were to plan to go to Penang next time..

  16. Barbara, hey think at the bright side, at least salad is not as fattening as those I had...

    Pete, LOL.. of course not bike rides...

    Agnes, yea it's a nice place to go. Lots of food to venture...


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