Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It happens to me...

I don't have a favourite brand of shoes, but I'd prefer either Nose or Charles & Keith. Anyway, this post is to share with you what I encounter with Vincci shoes. After about 2-3 months of wearing, the bottom of heel became like this....


The 'nail' inside the heel can be seen and when I walk, it create a very sharp and irritating noise =_=

So far, there're about 3 pairs of Vincci shoes having this problem. I know the rest of the shoes will eventually become like this but I guess the time span is slightly longer. Do you ladies encounter this?


  1. err, Vincci shoes mmg like that one der woh.. my vincci shoes life span only 3-4 mths, if luck on me then can drag till 6 or 12 mths, but seldom happened lah..somemore hor , i just wear in the office, once i step out, i will change shoes..

  2. At once glance, I thought you stepped on chewing gum hehe. I used to wear mostly Vincci shoes and very few other brands when I was working last time. To me, it's comfortable and lasting... I've never encountered such problem before. Maybe it's the way you walk? :p Just kidding, don't throw the shoes at me ya!

  3. I hardly use shoes with heels after given birth to my eldest daughter, 8 years lo..I only use heels shoes when go to parties, or else I just lepak with flat and no heels shoes, even go to work, more comfy!

  4. Well my experience says Nose also not of very good quality though...
    I still believe shoes that are branded and expensive give you better quality although I don't really follow that philosophy when buying shoes... :p

  5. Nope, I don't actually have any high heels!:p

    LOL @ Chloe's mommy's "Maybe it's the way you walk? Just kidding, don't throw the shoes at me ya! "

  6. I bought a pair of high heels for my lovely wife from Scholl, and i can simply say, for the price of RM350, it is worth every cents of it, now after 2 years or shoes, the texture is still shining like real,,,,

    to me shoes are very important,for formal i would say School is good, for casual Birkenstock will be my choice, not Crocs for sure,,,

    hey you stress ok already ?

  7. Eh.... Time to shop for new shoes la...

  8. I didn't experience any like you mentioned with Vincci heels but 2 of my Red Modani's heels worn out after 3 months of usage.

    I understand how frustrating it feel when the shoes is still new but the heels is not in piece. So 'sayang' to throw....

  9. I agree that Vicci shoes are not very lasting, and that is why Vincci shoes prices are quite reasonable.

  10. i've been wearing vincci most of the time and so far never encounter this problem wor.. in fact, for me it's quite lasting and some designs are tad comfy.. most importantly, it's very affordable!! LOL go replace the heels at the cobbler near taxi station at larut matang. shouldn't be expensive! ;)

  11. Sorry, for vincci lover ... i dont really like vincci, life span less then 2 months for me ....:(
    lately i come across this shoes which introduce by my fren PEDAL WORKS, is a very nice and comfortable shoes/heel , once i try, i bought 2 pairs. But not many place can get , if u happened to drop by Garden, can go to Isten to hv a look ....

  12. I seldom wear heels. Not just Vincci, some other brands also has short lisfespan. I stop buying Vincci shoes. Next time I wanna buy Charles and Keith too but quite pricey lah..hehe.

  13. hmm...i hardly wear Vincci shoes anymore. their shoes were ok in the beginning (many years ago). guess their workmanship is bad now.

  14. I never wear Vincci shoe because I have big feet and hardly find a size to fit.

  15. I din wear Vincci shoes before because I am quite clumsy and Vincci shoes are quite thin and i scare putus after wear few times.

  16. IYSON, oh understand. But I wear the same shoes when coming to office, however I spare a pair of sandal in my car also...

    ChloeRuoyi, LOL :D Your comment is very funny la! Hmmm, may be, may be its the way I walk too 'harsh', haha :P

    Agnes, I agree. Flats are definetely more comfy, but heels can be sexy and make me look taller, muahahah :D

    Shirlexia, 一分钱一分货, I agree usually expensive shoes have better quality.. But we can't always afford to buy expensive shoes, haha *blek*

    Alice Law, haha she is funny right!

    Eugene, wah you're so nice to your lovely wife... RM350 for a pair of shoes... I will show this comment to my hubby, kakakka =)
    Ya, I'm alright now, thanks!!

    ChrisAu, haha true also ho... a good excuse to shopping now... *wink*

    Yvonne, yes, cause it's only the heels which is incomplete, really 'sayang' to throw it away =_=

    Yan, well at least the price is reasonable..

    Cryst, actually not all of my Vincci shoes are like that la... I know about those cobblers there, but not all cases can be handled, haha :D

    Anggie's Journal, thanks for the idea! Will look for it if I happen to go there ;)

    Mummy Gwen, C&K shoes are quite pricey but the quality is promising, at least worth to invest lor~

    Barbara, you agree too? Hmmm...

    Shenny's mommy, really? But I think they have bigger feet size also!

    cinderella, I know your concern. May be you can look for 'thicker' heels or wedges... =)

  17. Have to visit the cobbler more often... ha ha ha!

  18. Hmm...I can't remember what shoes my wife is wearing. But I think she likes COMFIT. VEry comfortable. So far, I wear Bata shoes. Of course the life span is like 3 to 4 months too. I am thinking of an expensive pairs of shoes now. At least I can wear them longer.

    Have a nice weekend yeah?

  19. Pete, haha, if the cobbler charges expensive, I rather buy a new pair.. :P

    Willie, Comfit? Hmm, never heard about this brand though.
    Thanks for dropping by and you too, have an awesome weekend!

  20. Prince n princess mum, hi, thanks for dropping by~


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