Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just so coincident?!

Usually, I set my alarm clock to ring at about 7.05am and it only ring for once, whereas hubby uses his handphone as alarm clock and ring at about 7am, and repeat every 10 mins.

This has become a routine and I'll never forget to turn on my alarm clock every night before retired to bed. But it's not the same for hubby, sometimes he'd forget =_= So once again, he forgotten to turn it on last night....
And guess what? Both of us were nearly late to work this morning. Anyway, thanks to my 'body human alarm clock', at least I woke up at 7.35am. Haha :D I then checked my alarm clock, it stopped at 3.30 T_____T Obviously the battery was flat...

Hubby forgot to set his alarm, and my alarm's battery went flat at the same time, I guess sometimes things just happen so coincidentally....


  1. This is one of those bad concidences haaha. Thankfully your biological clock got into action ;D

  2. Hayley
    ha ha yea so gam one. so were you late for work? Boss ask Hayley why are you late. ? oh my battery flat la so alarm did not ring. he he.
    I dont need an alarm. even if I did set one , I will wake up even before it ring.

  3. Hihi! But you were still earlier than me although I woke up at 7am today *sob*

    I use handphone as my alarm clock... There's one function in the phone, "repeat on selective day" (I think), so that I no need to remember setting it every night.

  4. Maybe its a sign to sing that Bruno Mars' Lazy Song, haha...

  5. Pity you both... Saturday still need to work! Ganbatte ne!!

    Yalor, luckily you still hv a spare biological clock...! Phew~! So close!

  6. My "body alarm clock" is very reliable & I'm worry that the "ring..." will wake up my little monkey so early & he will disturb a lot then :-)


  7. It happens for a reason.. maybe both of u should deserve a longer rest? :)

  8. It is good in my view, both of you can get to sleep a bit more , hehe..

  9. Hahaha! you are lucky because you can wake up at 7am. Unlike me, I wake up at 4.20 am every Monday to Friday.

    However, during working days, my body is used to it eventhough sometimes I forgot to set my alarm. The incident that happened to you must be a hard lesson. Hahaah!

    1. Charge your phone.
    2. Set your alarm clock diligently.

    Have a nice day!

  10. hmm...maybe it's meant for you to sleep in a little that day :)

  11. hmmmm, time to invest on an alarm clock which allows you to repeat the alarm time and also snoozing.. BTW, i think all handphones should have that already??

  12. Hi Hayley, ha ha....good you have a battery alarm. As electricity can go out anytime in the night.
    Why not have table battery clock....the kind of ringing that will make you jump? Ha ha.
    Have fun.

  13. Armstrong, yes luckily!

    Johnnie, luckily no, I still came in office on time. Weird huh? :P

    Yvonne, SK, I know about such function. But I try to put my hp away from me when I sleep. hehe. 'Radiation' ma!

    Daniel, yes, today I dont feel like doing anything....... ^^

    Alice, yes, we need to work on Saturday too =_=

    Dora, haha understand!

    Claire, yes we need, haha :D

    Mummy Moon, Barbara, how I wish we could also... but, we needed to work also :P

    Willie, so early?? I bet you must be sleeping very early at night~

    Lee, table battery clock? haha, ya may be I should get one, LOL :D

  14. Normally I'm the one who in-charge of set alarm, even I no work but then still need to be alarm for my hubby! I ever tried forget to turn-on and then gotta skip to work.. lol! so now, I used to be double confirm to turn on the alarm before I go to bed!

  15. Evelyn, haha good habit! I tried to do that too, but sometimes still not what we can control....

  16. What a coincidence..hehe. My hubby is the human alarm clock not me..I'm not a morning person..haha.

  17. Mummy Gwen, haha, my case is totally opposite with you.. I'm the 'alarm clock' for my hubby...

  18. It happened to me too once in every two months. Hehehe!

  19. Yan, haha once every 2 months? So 'consistent'? :P


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