Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nick names

I'm sure many of us have nick names when we're younger, or even until today...

As far as I can remember, my mum used to call me 'chao mei'(pronounce in Hokkien, as 臭美) when I was a kid. Not because I smell nasty but I really dont know why she called me this, LOL. All I know is that this nick name sounds very bad and 'ugly'.

As for my brother, he calls me 'fatty' since I was younger even until today, even though I am not as chubby as before (during schooling time), even though I'm someone's wife now.. =_=
The reason is, I was really chubby when I was a kid, especially during primary schooling time. This name doesn't sound nice for a girl, but I actually used to it already.. LOL.

And when I was in University, my coursemates used to call me 'ah york', simply because that's my middle name. They will call out loud when they see me from far... =_=" But I actually quite like this one cause it sounds like egg yolk, hahaha :D

What about you? Do you have any special nick names?


  1. U tell us all your nicknames.... die... time to call u by your nicknames instead of Hayley...LOL.

  2. First visit here.

    My nick name in my family is tijiwing because my teacher couldn't pronounce my name! Actually my elder sisters taught by the same teacher also had similar nicknames (ti-eewing and tikiwing) but they thought mine was the funniest and it stuck! =___="

  3. I was called "a single bone" when I was in secondary school because I was thin just like a bone :D but it is a different story now, though still thin but got belly already after having 2 kids.

  4. My mum told be before, those old days ppl used to call their kids with funny nick names, in the hop they growing up healthy and strong!

    Ever since I was a kid, everyone keeps calling me BB, probably due to my last name 'Bee'!

    Then when I start schooling, my classmates started to call me 'barley water', 意米 sounds like 玉美(my Chinese name)!^^

  5. Chloe's nickname is also BB cos she didn't have a name for 2 weeks after she was born. For 2 weeks, I just called her BB (for baby) and everyone started following me and the name got stuck until now ;) As for me, I used to be called zirafah or giraffe in school cos I was the tallest girl in school :)

  6. 哈哈哈~my dad and mon call me boy~

  7. U'll never believe this is my nickname. Hahaha. During Form 6,the guys overheard Angeline as "Margarine"....So ended, i have that cute nickname!

  8. I know why your mom called you this name. I used to my two girls "chao lang" (臭人)also. lol!

  9. ChrisAu, haha go ahead, its just a name afterall :P

    Johnnie, haha thanks!

    Jiawen, haha I guess the teached also used to it already~

    Agnes, a single bone? haha funny~

    Alice, ya now that I realize, your name is quite similar to 'barley' also :P

    ChloeRuoyi, we used to call babies as BB, I think it's very common already ^^

    梦旅飞, ah boy or ah girl is very common also ho!

    Angeline, LOL.. now that you mentioned, Imma call you Margarine next time :P

    Yan haha, why ha?

  10. haha, i think you like your nickname since you are publicising it here, haha!! i heard older people like to give kids some ugly nickname because they believe in that way, they will grow better opposing what is being called~~ :)

  11. Hahaha... my primary/secondary friends all call me "Nek" since young cos I am the eldest in class (January baby :D) and we like to play happy family in primary school so I am the Nenek @.@

    But college and uni friends don call me nick names :)

  12. Can see your chubby chubby little girl photo kah?

  13. Hi Hayley, ha ha, interesting....I guess most have nick names.
    My contractors used to call me 'koh loh', because of my height.
    Or 'cowboy' because of my big buckle...
    But I guess apart from that....just my name.
    You have a nice day.

  14. SK, yes I heard about the same thing too!

    YT, haha, nek....
    ya I remember, we played this trend at school also.. I used to be youngest one cause my birth month is October ;)

    Pete, ok, give me some times to dig them out :P

    Lee, haha koh loh!
    Thanks and you have a great weekend ya~

  15. Hmm...I wonder what nickname your hubby gives you now...hehehhe. I have many nicknames which my hubs gave me. Since Ashley came along, he forgot about me and only gave his princess nicknames...about 14 now :P

  16. Barbara, haha, my hubby doesnt give me any special nick names...
    Hmmm, is that a good or bad sign? LOL :P

  17. My mum used to call me by my nicknames and now, I will call my kids by their nicknames which is Tauke Xiang and Tauke Jie. Once I've them, I'm busy like a maid!

  18. mNhL, haha such a cute name!

  19. LOL at all the nicknames here.... I don't have any particular nickname back then, but now I have a lot.... =___="

    For example, my then-bf called me char bor (女人) and most of my uni-mates started calling me that. Well, my hubb still calls me that..... And he influences his girl to call me fei por, sigh....

  20. Nice to have nickname that people can make fun of - i'm called "super-chicken" in primary school coz i hop on one leg very fast & furious when played one leg LOL

    Happy holidays to you & family

  21. Your nicknames really don't reflect your real self. :) I can't recall any nicks..hehe.

  22. Yvonne, haha this name sounds familiar, my MIL also called my SIL 'cha bor po' =)
    fei por? Hey, you're not fei at all wert!

    Robinson, LOL.. no wonder you got that nick name!
    Thanks and happy holidays to you too!

    Mummy Gwen, haha thanks~


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