Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paying more patience

image take from here

I am keeping my hair to do something like this =)

Nice? (But hard to maintain though =_=)


  1. Wah, this style like Miss Universe constestants hair leh!

  2. Go go Hayley, i am sure you will really really look awesome if you keep that kind of hair style,your facial feature will complement that look very perfectly...then i shall be your no 1 fan already..

    but then again, have to spend more to maintain it lol,,,,,ok one more suggestion if you don't mind,, please do not highlight or color it, let it be natural black, perfect,,,

    go go go

  3. Hayley,
    go for it.I really love girls with long hair. I think you will look perfect with this hair style. as for maintaining it, no worries there is always the hair saloon.

  4. Nice~ Is this called mermaid hairstyle? I'm trying to keep my hair long, too :D

  5. Nice but I guess u gotta spend at least an hour in the bathroom ... Lol

  6. Why not? Go go go. Make your dream comes true.

  7. Hi Hayley, go for it! You have the looks for it. With this long hair style, you'll be a real knockout!
    Only thing is you might cause some accidents! Men walking into lamp posts, ha ha.
    Have fun.

  8. nice mermaid hairstyle~ u will look awesome with this hairstyle..

  9. a stylist once told me.. dont dream on having nice curls like this cos this is usually professional styling for photoshoot wtf T____T but no harm trying, cheesie has nice mermaid curl! ;) it suits u! i wish i have the gut trying a perm, and a face to go with it T__T

  10. Very nice. You will look good with this hairstyle. :)

  11. reanaclaire, haha then keep long hair la!

    Pete, LOL, sure or not! :P

    Eugene, thanks but I think you exaggerated abit lo, LOL :P
    But true, gotto spend more to maintain it =_=

    Johnnie L, actually I prefer long hair too. But I never keep until this length ;)

    Yvonne, well not sure is it called mermaid.. But I think almost alike :P

    ChrisAu, haha not that serious, 1 hour is too much :P

    Yan, well, I'm actually paying more patience to keep until this length.

    Lee, haha thanks! You enjoy your weekend too!

    Evelyn, thanks gal.

    Cryst, oh ya, I havent seen you with curly hair, ho? But you got more things to do these days, so I recommend you to cut your hair shorter, easy to maintain :P

    Alice Phua, Mummy Gwen and Anggie, thanks! Ok, will definetely blog about it after I perm.

  12. Yeah, I think it'll look nice on you! Sometimes a little change of appearance wouldgive our mood a boost too, probably into a better way!

  13. Alice Law, yes agree. It's boring to have the same look over the years, LOL :P

  14. very nice...but agreed...hard to maintain. Wash, dry....aiyo... i don't think i can. patience.

  15. mNhL, yaya, hard to maintain right =_=


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