Saturday, April 23, 2011

A short meeting

It was a Friday night, a day most of us love cause weekend is just around the corner!
I met up with my best buddy, Crystal and Annie, at one of the cafe called Kapitan kopitiam.

Crystal (in pink) is currently working at Singapore, whereas Annie (in white) is working at Taiping, somewhere 5 mins away from my working place, LOL

a group photo. It was a short meeting but at least we got the chance to catch up with each other. The next meeting, hopefully it's next month, all the way down South to JB! ;)

Despite the busy working life and distance, we try our best to keep in touch thru FB, MSN, and phone. Hey, friends are forever and we should always keep in touch! Agree? =) Do you still keep in touch with your school mates?

Here wishing you all a great weekend ahead!!


  1. Thanks to FB, MSN and so on, it allows to keep in touch with friends easily. It wasn't this easy in old time, no FB and no MSN, a phone call away to Singapore was quite costly too. Agree?

  2. "all the way down south to JB"--Really?? =p

  3. Hayley it's always good to catch up with old friends. So you are coming to jb? Look me up.

  4. I still keep in touch with some of them, but not really having a good friend back in school days somehow I'm just off the hook from needing to meet up with anyone. Haha i know that sounds bad but hey... true friend are hard to find :P

  5. yeah, it's great to keep up with old friends! And, you do look gorgeous in the pix!

  6. Hi Hayley, wow! One more time, WOW!
    3 gorgeous SYTs! Both your girlfriends have deadly dimples....
    and many a man in love with dimples married the whole girl, ha ha.

    I like your hairstyle.....that 1st pic especially. You look.....wait,....wait...let me think of an appropriate word...
    Okay! I got it!
    Hayley, you look simply stunning! The kind of traffic stopper looks can make a man forget his mother's name, *wink*.

    You have a beautiful Sunday, and stay beautiful.

  7. as long as it's after work on Friday it's already weekend to me, haha!!! yeah, friends are always a precious thing in life, we should always appreciate them.. :)

  8. It is important to still be in touch and meet up with buddies ESP after getting married.

    Balance and spice up life. Friends are essentials!

  9. It's really nice to hv couples of gf spending time chatting and enjoy good food, love the way you distressing!^^

    You too, wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  10. Good to keep in touch with friends!

  11. Yes! I totally agree with you that we should always keep in touch with friends.

    However, as people start to form their own families, meeting up with old friends will be rare and usually never. If they meet up, it will always be a coincidence. But that does not mean the friendship has gone. I always cherish all my friends. I usually keep their phone numbers and sometimes sms them for a little while. That's how i keep in touch.

    Alright then, have a nice day yeah?

  12. Yan, yes agree. Thanks to FB and MSN these days....

    Evelyn, probably!

    Johnnie L, even if I go, it's going to be a rush one, don't think I have the time....

    Daniel and Pete, agree, true friends are hard to find..

    ChrisAu, haha thanks!

    Lee, you're right, my this 2 friends have very prominent dimples =)
    Thanks for the compliment!

    SK, agree. As long as it's after work on Friday....

    YT, for myself, I really try to keep in touch with them even after married..

    Alice Law, yes, doesn't matter how short/long is the meeting, it's the companion that matters right!

    Willie, you're right. Gathering would become lesser after having own family... but I still got to say, try our best la~

  13. Prince n princess mum, yes it was! =)


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