Monday, April 4, 2011

Stress please go away

As an employee, stress and pressure have become my 'friends'. Like it or not, I gotto deal with it.
What will you do when you're feeling stress?

Here's what I personally do:
1. Talk to a friend
2. Update my status in Facebook, and reading incoming comments =)
3. Rant it out at my blog (like what I'm doing now)
4. Listening to some RnB music and turn it on loud
5. Painting my nails
6. Sweat, through yoga/jogging or doing house chores
7. Eat
8. Retail therapy. Be it shopping or window shopping ^^
9. To be alone for a moment, deep inhale and exhale (Sometimes, I find this method works the best)

Any tips to share with me?

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  1. when in stress, i blog about it.. putting all the !@##$$$%^

    haaha..just kidding..
    once awhile, we do feel stressful but it will go off the next day.. or the next..
    Hope you are feeling better now..

  2. Mine...

    1)Plan a short gateaway!

    2)Savoring chocolates...

    3)Enjoying a cup of exclusively good coffee.

    4)Have some delicate and delicious sweet desserts!

    5)Take a sleep!(LOL)

  3. Hi Hayley, this is an interesting post.
    Stress is a real killer here in North America.
    And the biggest culprits are bosses who create or give stress to employees, all for or towards their selfish means.

    Actually there is no reason for bosses to give employees stress as it affects health and productivity.
    I one time looked after 12 companies throughout SEA with couple of thousand employees...

    And our kinds of business from Engineering works, manufacturing, construction, logging, mining and marketing had datelines, timetables to meet....and all involved millions $$$.

    And yet, being the boss, I never gave stress to anyone! My employees create their own stress if they do not meet their own work schedules.
    As mentioned, I have never phoned, called any employee at home. No reason too.

    I repeat, stress is a killer. It can kill! High blood pressure to name one. As well stress leads to many diseases, all killers!

    When at work if you find the going tough, go out for fresh air. I rather you not talk to another employee as he or she will also relate to you about their own stress, making you feel worse.

    Go make or get yourself a hot cup of tea, or green tea...and during break, read any book or about fashions, not read anything that will add more stress to you.

    Do like what you have in the pic here, lie down on the grass if can, look at the clouds, whatever.
    Do something, anything to get your mind of work.

    I had a lot of stress too old days....but in my car was my fishing rods. And at any opportunity will do some fishing. Fishing is one of the best forms of relaxation.

    Oh ya, get a small aquarium....look at the will relax you.
    And remember, stress is a killer...
    You stay easy, keep well. Lee.

  4. Eat....reduce stress for me cooking as well! LOL!

  5. Hayley,
    everybody have to face it, there is no running from it.
    just hang in there my friend.
    take care and love yourself more.

  6. I eat chocolates when under stress. Then I'll gain weight and under stress again. LOL!

    I like to see pressure and stress as part of our challenging life. Learn to look-openly (看开??) helps a lot for me.

  7. Hayley, I hate stress too, because I tend feel stress like you.

    Your list is good, I just want to add somemore..
    11. Go for a massage, hair wash, and facial. Travelling can be quite tiring too.
    12. Sleep like tomorrow is Sunday.

  8. i love retail therapy to beat the stress. or go for a holiday :)

  9. What work best for me?

    1. Chocolate
    2. Have a nice bath
    3. Listening to the radio
    4. Have a nice sleep

    Just don't think about it and keep relaxing my mind and soul!

  10. Reanaclaire, yes, it will go off the next day.. Thanks and I'm alright!

    Alice Law, agree in most of the points...

    Lee, thanks for the long comment! Look at the fishes? Ok, will consider this ^^

    Pete, guess eating really helps in reducing stress huh!

    Johnnie L, I understand, stress is part of our life. Thanks and you take care too!

    Yvonne, good that you can see it in a positive way =)

    Yan, thank you! I am thinking to invest in the diffuser ;)

    Barbara, retail therapy helps me too!

    AngelineBK, sometimes when I'm stress, I cant sleep =(

  11. I used to panic like mad whenever I'm stress, nowadays I just try to relax a little more, handling stress is nt that difficult afterall ~

  12. Hi Hayley,

    I actually do some from your list except for number 5,6, and 7.

    Rilex yeah....take a deep breath...

  13. It's been quite a while since I last had work pressure and stress hehe... almost forgotten what it felt like :p I think shopping and window shopping was one of my fav activities to beat stress. I remember heading straight to the mall after leaving my office :)

  14. dblchin, I wish to think like you. But sometimes its not easy...

    Willie, thanks! You have a nice day!

    ChloeRuoyi, yes, shopping can be a good one! ^^

  15. too,stress until headache,if can i wish have 1 week holiday now=='

  16. Hwi Yee, I wish also~ But what to do? Life goes on...
    Wishing you a great day~

  17. Agree with Uncle lee the biggest culprit are those inconsiderate bosses @#$%^&


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