Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just wanna share with you, one of my favourite Japanese snack. I discovered this yummy snack during a Japanese food fair at one of the local shopping mall, few months ago. Last week, I went to Daiso at QB mall, and I found it again! =)

Tohato Caramel Corn <3

can't read the information, but who cares? :P

yummy crunchy snacks! (I'm aware of the calories though, haha)

Have you try this snack before?


  1. Next time i go Daiso, i look for it.. :)

  2. Hayley,
    some of it are nice, but eating too much is not good.

  3. hmmm...never try this before! When I go Daiso, there are all sorts of snacks..really dunno which one to choose.

  4. Since you already recommend it, I think I'll give it a try when I visit Daiso next :D

    Haha better be sure its that good XD

  5. Hi Hayley, looks very snacky too. Good for watching TV I guess.
    Me, I love pop corns, the caramel ones.
    Have fun, Lee.

  6. Thanks for your calories with us.

  7. I like this one too! And the other snack that you'd shared with us.... cheese corn/potato crackers? Heavenly delicious!!

    Make me lost count in calories, lol!

  8. Claire, ok, hope you'll like it! *wink*

    Johnnie, yes I know that :P

    ChrisAu, you're right. Really alot of varieties..

    Daniel, yes it's nice to me!

    Angeline, Alice Law, yea high 5!

    Lee, yep, agree. A snack for movie times!

    Yan, LOL, you're most welcome! :P

    Yvonne, ya, I like that one too! Simply delicious~

  9. Never.....but u tempted me to! I love snacks!

  10. never try b4 ..
    oh ya... i view ur wedding photos at ur album at the side bar, ur wedding grown was gorges especially the black and white wan ... so nice :P

  11. I've never tried before but you make me wanna get some. :)

  12. my kids would love them. Some of the Korean snacks are not bad too!!

  13. mNhL, haha, I love snacks too!

    Anggie, haha thanks! That was a really nice gown, especially the 'tail' part.

    Mummy Gwen, hope you can find it at your place....

    Agnes, agree. Some korean snacks are nice too!

  14. I love this too but find it a bit too sweet. There are many flavours in Daiso. Maybe you should try all :)

  15. ChloeRuoyi, yes, I also feel its abit too sweet!

  16. Oh I love this snack. it's addictive! At Daiso it's selling at rm5 each. At 100 yen, it cost rm5.90 :(

  17. Is it really good? Maybe I should try it!

  18. i always like japanese snacks, they are of good quality and can be very creative and innovative as well.. but quite expensive though cannot have them often~~ :)

  19. Barbara, yes, its addictive!

    YT, yes give it a try!=)

    SK, agree, but once a while still ok la :P


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