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Yes or no?

image from here
The above image is about LASIK surgery, a type of surgery to correct short sighted and astigmatism.

I've been considering to undergo this surgery to solve my short sighted problem. For your infor, I've been wearing glasses since Form One, which is already 14 years. I have to say it's somehow troublesome to wear glasses and no doubt contact lens came in rescue, it's the best-est if we can chose not to wear glasses/contact lens and still have perfect eye sight!
I have been asking around about this LASIK surgery. Most people who did it have no problems after the surgery. As far as I know, KL has better trusted doctors who perform LASIK. Though the surgery takes only about 10 mins for both eyes, I still feel a lil scared.... =_=

Comments anyone?


Just wanna write something before I retire to bed... ^^

Weekend was a good one as I joined friends at this New Box Karaoke and sang for 3 hours!

haha, hubby seldom act cute one..... hope it din't scare you =P

top: Boon & Pei
bottom: Far & Lian

top: Yao & Cindy
bottom: Boy & Karen

and here's a more normal photo of us ^^

we booked this big room with a projector screen in front. total package was about RM 288 inclusive of 4 buckets of Tiger beer, a jug of plain water, a jug of mango juice and a jug of 100 plus, and some tit bits.

Despite the spacious room, the facilities were quite bad. The touch screen LCD was out of service, and the audio system was bad too =_=
Seriously I hope there'll be better Karaoke at my hometown, like Green Box or Neway, as I'm really a big fan of Karaoke, hehe =)

When was the last time you went to a Karaoke?


I guess is having problems again, I fail to post comment to certain blogs.... Sorry if I didn't leave you a comment lately, I do visit your blog k~

image from here

Yea, one more hour for me to leave my work place and heading to a nice body massage session. My shoulders and back is aching, due to prolong hours of using the computer, and may be improper sitting position? =_="

Hope you're having a great weekend and holidays... See ya on Monday ^^

Thank you very much.....

... is the lady cook's tagline.

I was assigned by my lunchmate, Yan, to blog about this lady cook and her cookings. We discovered a new kopitiam for our lunch, it's Restaurant Xin Tian Tian (新天天), situated at Jalan Medan Saujana 4, Kamunting (near The Store, Kamunting).

This is the kopitiam I'm talking about. Previously, it was called 'hao peng you' (好朋友)

We go to this kopitiam quite frequently now for the.....

1. fried kuey teow

2. fried mantis prawns with rice (notice the additional fried egg? it was the add-on by the lady cook that time, because the mantis prawns were not enough, haha)

3. fried bihun

4. pork meat porridge

5. sweet and sour pork rice

6. and our ultimate favourite, fried tai lok mee (no idea what it's called in English)

*photos credit to Yan*

Now back to the blog post title.. The lady cook is a very friendly chinese aunty who greet us like nobody business everytime she sees us. She calls us 大美女 (as super pretty girl) and thank us a few times whenever …

Sentosa Villa, Taiping

Heard a few good review on this new hideout place at my very own hometown, so we gave it a visit last Sunday, after the movie session.
It was nearly 7pm when we arrived.....

a very quiet yet relaxing place. I managed to walk around the whole place, there are a few chalets and mini gardens, even BBQ pits. I believe this place would be a very nice place to have some party and gathering, as well as holidays for outstation visitors. Not forgetting for couples to paktor there, hehe

one of the villa, very new and modern

the surroundings

there're several mini waterfall, I love the greenery view!

spotted this unique washroom near the cafe, haha

We parked our cars and walked to the cafe...

all of us!

And here's what we ordered....

The taste is very special, abit of sour and spicy. I like it!

The taste is ok too, but it would be tastier if it was hot enough

heard from friend that the fried rice is not bad too!

from the look, I think it's quite yummy

The portion is very big! I think there …

Lung Seng, Tanjung Tualang

After the visit to Kellie's Castle, we took another 20-30 mins ride to Tanjung Tualang. One of my friend, Karen (who is from Batu Gajah) recommended us the seafood at Tanjung Tualang as they are nice and cheap.

There're several seafood restaurants at that area, and we chosed this, Lung Seng. The restaurant is kinda small, luckily we made an earlier reservation

1st, a photo of yours truly =)

total 9 of us....

And now, the food.....

steamed 'lam ko'

stir fried 'ku lou yok'

fried kangkung with sambal

curry fish head

Japanese tofu

fried prawns (medium size)

and deep fried oyster cake (yumm~)

Overall, the food is quite nice, my favourite is the fried oyster cake, very crunchy!

Total bill for 9 of us is RM200++ (which is quite resonable).

Lung Seng Restaurant
10, Jalan Besar,
Tanjung Tualang,

Pirates of the Caribbean 2011

image from here
Starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian Mcshane

I'm not a very big fan of Pirates installments, but since this is the latest movie on show, I joined my friends for a Sunday movie time.
Personally, this installment has lesser actions and more talking. I actually expect to see more weird stuff/creatures... Nonetheless, the character Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has never failed me. He is so hilarious and at certain scenes, very sampat I'd say =)

Overall, still a nice movie to watch.

Personal rating: 3.5/5

A short visit to a castle

Heard about Kellie's Castle? It's situated near Baru Gajah, Perak. It's about 20 mins drive from Ipoh.

the view from the front. This unfinished castle was built by a Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith since 1915
we paid it a visit last Sunday..

the view from top of the castle... the entrance ticket is RM4 per person

all of us in front of the castle

it was like posing in some historical place at Rome, LOL

with hubby

we climbed to the top of the castle. There's actually nothing much to see in this castle, only those walls and some architecture. A friend said, a nicer way to name it, is Kellie's Castle, in another word, it's actually 'ghost house' =_=

last but not least, a group photo of us!

We then headed to Tanjung Tualang for some nice seafood. Stay tune for the photos!

Don't worry, be happy!

Everybody's favourite is here again! I do not have any special planning this weekend, but I have an appointment with the beautician, time to pamper myself! =)

Anyway, I read articles and links shared by friends that tomorrow 21st May is the so called doomsday. I was a bit shocked when I read about this! But on second thought, IF this is true (touchwood touchwood), it's too late for us to do anything except to enjoy every single moment, right?
Giant camera!! (image from here)

So take your camera and capture your happy moments! haha :D
Wishing you guys a great weekend!

H Tec Exhaust Center Taiping

It was a sunny morning, and also a good friend's exhaust center opening.

the gang showed some support!

advertised on newspaper (China Press), dated 15th May. BDS (Black Dog Society) member names were in there too! =)

thats the boss, Nickson (squatting in the front), with his customers and those cars he fixed before

all sorts of car exhaust piping

hubby and I

there was a small party, nasi briani, ayam rendang and some kuih muih were served

while the boss is busy entertaining his guests, we served ourselves. this is little Zhi Yi, very cute!

some of us....

If you're interested to change your car exhaust pipe, please pay Nickson's shop a visit. Tell him you're my friend and you'll get special discount, LOL =D
His shop is at the same row with Econsave hyper market at Kamunting.
Contact number: 012-5026122

Last but not least, congratulations Nickson!