Monday, May 9, 2011


The earth is sick. Very sick. This is by far the hottest period since January. I don't remember it was this hot even during the past CNY.

I can see everybody is shouting hot thru their FB status.

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I know this sounds crazy but I switch on the air cond to as low as 18'C (I normally set to about 24'C), and turning on 2 fans to ventilate the air in my room, and while I'm sitting here typing, I can feel I'm sweating =_=""

So let's plant more trees, stop open burning, and pray that it'd rain soon!!


  1. yes, it is super hot Hayey these days. even walking under the sun for a short while gives me headache.that is what happen when people don't follow God's law and start chopping down trees ,detroy the ozone layers etc..

  2. yeah, it went up to 36°C i think, so hot that i can't even stay at my room and gotta go to shopping mall to enjoy the aircond, haha~~ :D

  3. Hoho you read my mind, my scheduled post also talk about how hot nowadays are... and yes lets start to go greener than green... its super hot!

  4. 就是嘛! 天气热到无字可形容~ 我一冲凉出来就对着风扇前坐定定不动,不然没一会儿又流汗了。。。=='

  5. 2012 is coming.... some ppl even say it's ending on this upcoming 21st May. Yes, you read me right, 21 this month! ... or so, that's what my uncle told me =p

    We should work harder to keep the earth going.
    Plan more trees, I support!
    Recycling, I support!
    Reduce waste, I support!
    Trying to do as much as possible to help....

  6. Hot summer now. I wish I can migrate to Cameron Highland sometimes.

  7. The weather is unbearable! Argh!

    Yea, for the first time I actually wish it rains... I don like rain but it's too hot!

  8. can really tahan cold la. I set my air cond at 24C and I feel it cold enough for me. Malaysia must be very hot now. No rain?

  9. Hahaha - aircond plus 2 fan still feel hot :p

    Dun woli - it's a circle of life & will pass soon

    Good day there!

  10. The crazy haze is killing me!!!


  11. True .... over here also hot like oven. Also have to on the air con plus hot until have to take bath few times in a day ! haha

  12. Johnnie, yes, I even dont go for jogging in the evening lately..

    SK, haha good idea. But only if I have the time...

    Daniel, yes I read about your hotness posts :P

    Evelyn, 对啊!刚冲凉出来都没用,最好是能呆在水里。。哈哈。

    Yvonne, yes yes, plant more greens, it's the most important!

    Yan, I bet Cameron won't be so cold also =_=

    YT, we will love rain at this moment..

    Mummy Gwen, I have no choice, cannot on 24'C anymore these days....

    Robinson, yes I hope too!

    Dora, hot weather is already killing me, dont mention about the haze!

    mNhL, take bath also no use, I'll sweat after that! :0

  13. Hi Hayley, Holy Smoke! You switch to 18'c? To us that is warm, ha ha....
    Its spring here and yesterday was 14'c outside, sunny, blue skies, no clouds....and SYTs, ladies in minis and t-shirts.
    But by evening temp dropped....and by midnight around 5'c.

    Anyway, we're used to -25'c, ice and snow, so anything around 10'c we like.
    Maybe you and hubby should come live in Canada....
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  14. No wonder I didn't feel cold at all in the office these two days. Normally, I have to wear jacket inside office.

  15. Yeah... we are literally grilled and roasted these few days! Kesian my kids seeing their sweats dribbling non stop!>_<

  16. Lee, haha, how I wish can pay a visit to Canada too!

    Shenny's mommy, me too. Sometimes I also wear jacket in the office, these days, besides the centralised air cond, we need to switch on the additional air cond as well.

    Alice, I can feel I became tanned these few days... =_=

  17. Ha! Tell me about it! If Taiping is hot, KL is worst!

  18. Shirlexia, yea everywhere is the same now! :0

  19. sigh...the haze is here now. really scary. i pray that it will rain very soon!

  20. Barbara, yes me too. But I read newspaper, the hot weather will continue until this Sept!! :0

  21. 地球病了,我也病了...



  22. 梦旅飞, 嗯,我有听说过。。不过大家都一样,can't survive without it. LOL =P

  23. 梦旅飞, 我明白。。不过大家都一样。。 =_=


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