Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't worry, be happy!

Everybody's favourite is here again! I do not have any special planning this weekend, but I have an appointment with the beautician, time to pamper myself! =)

Anyway, I read articles and links shared by friends that tomorrow 21st May is the so called doomsday. I was a bit shocked when I read about this! But on second thought, IF this is true (touchwood touchwood), it's too late for us to do anything except to enjoy every single moment, right?

Giant camera!! (image from here)

So take your camera and capture your happy moments! haha :D

Wishing you guys a great weekend!


  1. 2 THINGS:

    That's one big camera LOL!!

    2molo is doomsday ?? At least your "separuh bahagian" is still wif u LOL

    Cheers & good weekend ahead!!!

  2. Happy Weekend Hayley!!!

    I don't see what the fuss about the end of the world... why fill your day with worry when you can go out have fun and enjoy!

    Wooohooo!!! I have no idea what to do yet XD Muahahaha

  3. Hayley,
    there are alot of so call prophets of doom.some says it's 2012(and they even make a movie based on it) nobody knows when is doomsday except God.

  4. Hi Hayley, ha ha, yes....there's some mention about Saturday's 'doomsday'. There are people who have gone into the hills, countryside to wait 'for the end of the world'.
    Guess I'll just spend time visit surfing.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. hahhaa..this pic is real cool!!

  6. Doomsday? why is that?

    I hope after you meet your beautician, you'll look more radiant than ever.

  7. What?! Today?... gotta spend some money 1st then, hahahaha! Love the giant camera though :-)


  8. Well... I'm still alive and is kicking, and it's 21st May today.... kekeke!

    Enjoy every single second, cherish every single moment with your loved ones. We do not know what happens tomorrow.

  9. Personally,i don't believe the prediction lah,,,, for We are not god ma,hahahhah

    anyway, let us be simple,happy and contented,,,cool

  10. ha ha ha, I want that big camera!

  11. Check your "fact" - we're still alive at this point of time LOL

  12. Huh? I din know it's a rumored doomsday until I read this! It's almost midnight now so I guess it's another false alarm hehee.

    I agree with u. It's important to live the moment with no regrets.

  13. Robinson, Claire, haha yes! Giant camera!!

    Daniel, weekend was restless for me! But at least we all still survived despite the rumoured doomsday... (thank God!)

    Johnnie, I know the movie 2012, very action packed.

    Lee, hope you had a nice weekend~

    Willie, I not sure why, but its the rumors I heard..
    And after the facial last weekend, my face does look more radiant and smooth, haha.

    Dora, its ok. At least the so called doomsday is over...

    Yvonne, agree! Live like there's no tomorrow!

    Eugene, I also not quite believe, but rumors can drive me crazy sometimes..

    Pete, yes I want also la! =)

    YT, yea, thank God it was just a rumors....

  14. haha...that giant camera makes me laugh!

  15. mNhL, haha, I wonder is that camera really exist? LOL


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