Thursday, May 19, 2011

H Tec Exhaust Center Taiping

It was a sunny morning, and also a good friend's exhaust center opening.

the gang showed some support!

advertised on newspaper (China Press), dated 15th May. BDS (Black Dog Society) member names were in there too! =)

thats the boss, Nickson (squatting in the front), with his customers and those cars he fixed before

all sorts of car exhaust piping

hubby and I

there was a small party, nasi briani, ayam rendang and some kuih muih were served

while the boss is busy entertaining his guests, we served ourselves. this is little Zhi Yi, very cute!

some of us....

If you're interested to change your car exhaust pipe, please pay Nickson's shop a visit. Tell him you're my friend and you'll get special discount, LOL =D

His shop is at the same row with Econsave hyper market at Kamunting.

Contact number: 012-5026122

Last but not least, congratulations Nickson!


  1. so shock & surprise to saw my name appear in newspaper.. no wonder he asked my chinese name but doesn't tell me what about for!

  2. i hope he pays you for advertising for him in your blog...hahahahahhaah. congrats to your friend :)

  3. I like the picture of Nickson with his customers. Very good advertising entry of yours too. I will remember the shop and tell him I am your friend for better quotation.

  4. NIce to have group of good friends!

    Nicer when they open business that're related to our necessity! LOL - Jz joke

    Seriously if u know anyone in all kind of businesses, can get good bargain etc

  5. Congrats to your friend for being his own boss. :)

  6. Time to change my car exhaust to a load and big one...LOL! My first car had that.....he he he!

  7. Oh.. a good prospect for this young man. If I dropped by at this shop I'll say, "BDS's friend here" and hope to get lower price, muahahah!

    Congrats to Nickson!

  8. Is BDC some car group or something?

  9. Congrats to your friend !

    Great food - nasi beryani. hehe

  10. congrats to your friend's new shop

    you and your hubby looked so yao yeng and cool in black! =)

  11. Hayley,
    nice tees , can I have one? .he he.
    would love to go there,but unfortunately I am not staying in Perak.

  12. Ok will do if I'm in taiping and exhaust pipe broke down :p

  13. Congratulation to your friend! Tht's a great party with so many warm smiles!

  14. Evelyn, haha you shared the present, sure your name inside lo!

    Barbara, haha yes, I will ask from him, :D

    Yan, Yvonne, ChrisAu, ok please, he'll give you special discount, haha.

    Robinson, I agree. Usually friends will give special price..

    Inspired Momx1, Alice, thanks (on behalf of Nickson).

    Pete, haha yes come Taiping! =P

    YT, well, if you're following me long enough, BDS is actually a leisure group we set up for fun, find us on Facebook!

    mNhL, yes, but the nasi beriani finished very fast lo!

    Ying Ying, haha thank you! That's our official BDS shirts!

    Johnnie, sure! We are planning to order 2nd batch of this 'uniform'!

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