Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homeless birdie

Note: yay, is finally up!! But I realised some of my comments went missing =_=

Few days ago, both hubby and I heard birds chirping somewhere near our bathroom. After checking at the windows, nothing were seen. So he decided to check at the ceiling, and true, he saw 3 little birds trapped in the ceiling =_=

this is where we found the birds (hence another big project involved)

Why I said it's a big project? Previously, there was a very nasty odour in our bathroom, I had done everything I could but still, the bad smell still there *faint* Then, hubby found out that the smell came from our bathroom folding door! Without hesitation, he disassembled the doors and guess what, we found a dead lizard's body!! How the hell did the lizard got into the doors' gap?? No wonder the smell was terrible!! I did not take any photos because it was way too disgusting (the body also torn into two already), and we were both tired, just want to quickly wash away the smelly thing.

Anyway, back to the topic.....

3 black birds, they might look ugly but I found them quite cute! haha, they are still quite small but almost able to fly already. I put them inside a paper box at the balcony. Sorry birdie we have to take you out, hubby said they might die if they continue to stay in the ceiling. Now, hopefully the mother can hear their chirping and come to rescue. Or, wait until these birds are big enough to fly away...


  1. At the mean time, I think you can feed them some water and rice. Can? Am also not too sure how to feed a baby bird.

  2. At the moment I am still pissed with Blogger!

    Is that a crow? coz crow are smart, you might want to raise them up and become your pet :D

  3. Hayley,
    that is very interesting. good thing it was not someother thing like snake.
    ha ha. I remember sometime ago in my previous home, a bird make it's nest in front of my house where we hang our cloths. a tiny bird was in the nest for quite a while before she flew away. I just christen it jamie,as I presume it to be female. guess what Jamie came back a few days later with her mum before they flew away for good. maybe she was just saying good.bye. that was a good feeling being 'acknowledged' by the birdie

  4. Some feng shui tips say when there's birds coming to our house to build their nest, it means good fortune :)

    But I have no idea how the black birds get into your ceiling :S

  5. Yeap -mine worst : my last 3 personal rantings went missing & no kidding!!

    The birds making nest in your house sounds like a good omen to come

    Nice weekend to you & your hubby

  6. hey, i also have a decomposed lizard stuck at my auto gate.. gave me a shock when i opened the doggy door!
    about the birds, why not leave them in the garden and let mama bird come to look for them.. hehehee...

  7. huh how come end up in ceiling? the trap inside? :)

  8. I hate lizard, thank god u din post it up here!

    Anyway, I think the birds definitely need some food...~

  9. hahaha.... so it had became their nest.

  10. hope the mother bird will come to see the little birds very soon!


  11. Wow, how did they got in their?!! Guess thy tried to NEST their but merely got themselves REST forever!

  12. Awww.....the little birdies are so cute!!! Do take good care of them, ya? You're so sweet and kind. :))

  13. Yan, we did not feed them anything... =_=

    Daniel, not sure if they're crows...

    Johnnie, wow, interesting story!

    Yvonne, oo really? LOL..

    Robinson, I did not encounter that, but my comments went missing =(

    Claire, not only shock, but the smell...... *faint*
    Oh no, we can't leave them at the garden, my MIL's rott weiler would surely bring dangers to them.. haha.

    Kian Fai, Alice, I have no idea >.<

    YT, haha me too! They are so irritating!

    ChrisAu, they are cute but I don't welcome them to make a 'nest' there...

    Dora, Erika, hmm, my FIL actually placed them at the back of our house.. hopefully they're fine...

  14. could the birds get trapped in the ceiling huh? i hope their mom would find them real soon.

  15. I can't help but notice that your ceiling is very nice, with tiles just below it :) Poor birds... hope they survived.

  16. Barbara, I have the same question as you.. =_=

    ChloeRuoyi, haha thanks!
    Yep, I hope they survive too!


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