Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's confirmed....

... that clubbing isn't a thing for me anymore =_=

I went for a short trip to KL with hubby during the long weekend, just some shopping and met up another couple friends. They arranged a night out at this club called @live, which is at Sunway Pyramid.

It was already packed with people when we reached at 10pm. We didnt made any earlier reservation but since there were only 5 of us, we got a table still.

nice atmosphere, with DJs and live band show on the stage

the guys. hubby, Kimz and Ken

the girls. Carrie and myself. Nice to meet you Carrie~

we party until 3am =_= But I already felt very tired by the time it reached 1am. blame my high heels and the aging cells.... LOL

despite the noise, the cigarette smell around us and my tired legs, I find this club way better than those previous ones I visited. The DJs and live band singers (which features ladies and gentlemen) take turn to perform, and there were many SYTs and handsome guys around! haha :D

one last photo, hubby's new friends from Germany, LOL. Hubby said the guy on the left looks pretty much like Orlando Bloom =P

The next day when I asked hubby what's their names, he couldn't recall anymore *slap forehead* I guess 3 of them were only friends for that few hours that night, haha.

Anyway, when Ken suggested 2nd round to Bukit Bintang, I quickly said no. Man I was so tired and sleepy already! Until today, I still feel like I haven't had enough rest. And now, I'm down with a mild sorethroat and blocked nose already T.T
Lesson learnt, clubbing isn't my thing anymore. I should not party so hard next time. LOL.

What about you? How did you celebrated Labour Day?


  1. oh Hayley,
    surely you are not old.Maybe it's because you don't enjoy it so much now,like you once used to that's all,certainly not age.

  2. oh....i thought you pregnant when i read your blog title... :P

  3. haha, me too has already said goodbye to the clubbing scene many years ago.. now i'm already feeling sleepy after 11pm, getting old already~~ :p

  4. I'm old dy too. when club until 3 or 4 in the morning, I'm damn tired!! unlike last time. Still energetic!!! Sighh OLD dy la~~~~ :(

  5. haha..not bcoz u old la...mayb us alry pass the " clubbing ages" jor...so no more energy for us to club anymore...

  6. party while you still can :) i used to be able to stay up until 4am but now at my age, i become sleepy by 10pm...hehehheehe

  7. Time to change lifestyle :) Can you believe that I've never been clubbing before, not even once? It's just not my interest... i'm the type who likes to hide at home haha :p

  8. Oh gosh! I was just telling my friend that we should go clubbing once in awhile. Its been a super long time since I visited any club.

    and the best thing is that I stay in SUNWAY! ahahahha

  9. not having clubing as your thing is perfectly fine I think~, it's never my thing~ ^^~ also I think there are plenty of more important/interesting things we can do other than clubbing <3

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  10. Once a while it is nice a therapeutic to chill out lah, just don't do it like ever so often, it gets bored you know.............

    been there, done that, once you got it, kan?

    now , i am sure your tired legs will be alive and kicking lioa

  11. Haven't been clubbing since after Uni I think!

    But the last time we went (after my wedding dinner) we had such great fun that I forgot all bout the tiredness.

    But clubbing regularly is a definite No No to me now hehehe.

  12. but u looked like u had so much fun!!!

  13. Johnnie, erm... ok, may be its not really my age, but I've certainly 'pass the clubbing age'. LOL...

    ChrisAu, haha, but I don't think I will announce like that even if I'm pregnant, hehe :D

    Claire, haha then plan for a trip there la! I heard Ipoh also got quite alot of clubs...

    SK, I can understand...

    Yvon S, I had the same feeling. Not like last time, where I hardly feel tired...

    Sherley, I agree ^^

    Barbara, I think it's enough already, LOL. I prefer to sit down at some cafe, having tea and chit chat with friends..

    ChloeRuoyi, I know some people prefer to stay at home... just like you. hehe.

    Daniel, ok go check it out! Guess you'll like it..

    HitomiNeko, yes you got a point too!

    Eugene, yaya, at least I had those experiences before~

    YT, after getting married, the feeling of clubbing also not there anymore, LOL.

    dblchin, yes. Despite the negative sides, we had fun too!

  14. Goodbye clubbing, welcome nursing.... well, that's me now :p

    But it's okay to let go once a while..... party till drop, haha!

  15. Yvonne, yea, once in a bluemoon is ok, that's what I think also.. :P

  16. I can imagine how u felt... I personally don't like clubbing, dislike drinks and cigarettes or even noise!

  17. Alice Law, I hate the cigarettes part the most!

    prince n princess mum, yea~

  18. You feel this way, because you have different priority in life now. I know as I went through this stage.

  19. Yan, haha yes, agree with you...


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