Monday, May 30, 2011


Just wanna write something before I retire to bed... ^^

Weekend was a good one as I joined friends at this New Box Karaoke and sang for 3 hours!

haha, hubby seldom act cute one..... hope it din't scare you =P

top: Boon & Pei

bottom: Far & Lian

top: Yao & Cindy

bottom: Boy & Karen

and here's a more normal photo of us ^^

we booked this big room with a projector screen in front. total package was about RM 288 inclusive of 4 buckets of Tiger beer, a jug of plain water, a jug of mango juice and a jug of 100 plus, and some tit bits.

Despite the spacious room, the facilities were quite bad. The touch screen LCD was out of service, and the audio system was bad too =_=

Seriously I hope there'll be better Karaoke at my hometown, like Green Box or Neway, as I'm really a big fan of Karaoke, hehe =)

When was the last time you went to a Karaoke?


  1. Yeah it's nice to enjoy K session particularly if u like singing. My last session in Penang several years back ago with few colleagues at Red Box & thereafter "When U sing K no more"

  2. next time u come pg then we can go sing K together lor ^^ the last time i join k session was about a month ago. nowadays i try to minimize the # of visit to karaoke lounge like Neway and Redbox. Realised that it is so so pricy eventhough the food, the system, the room, the service are good without much complaints. good nite Hayley. "SEE" you in the morning :)

  3. It's been almost 10 donkey years since I stepped into a KTV. And now, they called it redbox, greenbox, and dunno what box. hahaha...

  4. visiting here with a smile.. feel free to drop by me.. XD

  5. You know, the maintenance work in our small town here isn't very good. Not only karaoke center is low maintained, but the cinema's condition is worsening. Moreover, there's a lot of vandalism *sad*

    Never mind about the bad facilities as long as you got a nice outing with friends :)

  6. Karaoke always scared the hell out of me... coz I cant sing MUAHAHAHAHA!

    The last time I go sing, 2 person for more than 3 hours also! My friend surrender and sleep... hahaha

  7. Now i am thinking you can organize one k session in Penang, get the bloggers friends out to Penang, i am sure Claire will be interested ,,,,,for sure one

  8. It's fun to yell my lungs out at KTV especially with close friends that I don mind embarrassing myself :)

  9. Robinson, yes I agree ^^

    Yvon S, yep I did, thanks!

    Ying Ying, 1st of all, I couldn't leave you a comment in your blog, blame Blogspot =(
    I know it's pricey, but at least worth, right? Considering the audio quality and the food menu they have...

    ChrisAu, I wonder why most KTV must have the 'box' one, haha =D

    Mr Lonely, thanks and I've visited yours too ^^

    Filip, not many choices we have here, this is one of the 'acceptable' one...

    Yvonne, I realise that too. Sigh, people just don't appreciate.

    Daniel, LOL. Got so kua cheong ar?

    Eugene, haha, not a bad idea...

    YT, yes I agree. Felt so much better after that...

  10. hahhahha..the last time i went karaoke was before ashley came along. after more such outings :) enjoy while you can before the little ones come along ;)

  11. Whoa, so enjoy! But it's Tuesday already. :o)

  12. Eugene,
    have it in Penang? emm have not been to Penang for a long time now. that's a thought..

  13. Agree. Enjoy while you can. :p We actually brought Gwen to her 1st karaoke couple of months ago. Hehe.

  14. Barb, yes agree ^^

    Kristy, and it's Wednesday already =)

    Johnnie, guess you're supporting the idea huh..

    Mummy Gwen, oh, Gwen liked it?


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